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A true biker’s paradise in the north

A perfect destination for biker’s whether you seek a vibrant city experience with endless summernights or wildlife and outdoor acitivites.

The city of Tromsø has commited to be a biker’s town, offering quite a few bicycle paths. And you don’t have to go far before you’re out on the countryside, and close to fjords and mountains. A trip around Tromsøya is a flat and nice tour not far from the city.

On this trip, you can go straight down to the ebb and catch several sights. The Science Centre of Northern Norway, the botanical garden, the Telegraf bay, and Tromsø Museum are also on the ride.

The Arctic Cathedral isa landmark in Tromsø and can easily be reached by bike. Photo: CH –

The scenery is varied, and you can ride your bike on quiet country roads through forrests and into open areas between majestic mountains to narrow coastal roads around the fjords. Or you can explore the routes in the mountains – or go for a citybike to pedal between the sites in the centre.

There are several opportunities to join guided city-tours on bike where you visit many of Tromsø’s must-see highligths in just a few hours, while the guides flavor the tour with secrets and fun facts about the city. During the summer you can even sign up for city-tours with electrical bikes. Tromsø Outdoor in fact offers two departures every day.  Or join tours that stretches for days taking you to the exciting and beautiful landscape in the artic area surrounding Tromsø.

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