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Biking on top of the world

Between mountains and fjords, you’ll experience a bustling vegetation and wildlife you won’t find anywhere else. Welcome to Hammerfest!

If you are into biking, this is a perfect destination. In Hammerfest you can even rent an electric bike, that gives you a little help up the hills. You can join guided tours that last 2-3 hours, or you can simply go by yourselves.

Make sure to hop on a boat to the island Sørøya, where you pedal along the old, but newly renovated, «Lighthouse watcher´s road». This track will lead you to the outstanding coastal nature of western Finnmark. Along the way you’ll pass Kjøttvikvarden, which is Norway’s tallest beacon with its 12,5 meters. Keep your eyes open for sea eagles and whales, and stop at Gamvik Gjestegård for a proper, northern lunch.

Enjoy the beauty of fjords and mountains while experiencing a summer ride on 70 degrees north. Photo: Ziggi Wantuch / Hammerfest Turist AS

Every summer herds with wild reindeer come to Hammerfest and the surrounding areas to graze. Visiting the northernmost town in Norway, you can look forward to seeing these animals up close!

One last recommendation is a visit to Mikkelgammen where you meet Sami Mikkel and Solveig. You get to hear stories about life with the reindeer, they will perform the special Sami singing called “joiking”, and you will be served delicious traditional food. A Sami evening on the mountain Salen is an experience you will never forget – guaranteed!

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Photo on top of article: Ziggi Wantuch / Hammerfest Turist

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