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Cycling close to coastal culture

With few hills and little traffic, Vesterålen is great for cycling – for families and beginners as well as for serious riders.

Vesterålen is located all the way north in Nordland, and covers five islands connected with bridges or tunnels. When seeing all the mountains, one might think cycling in Vesterålen is incredibly heavy and for serious riders only. But in fact, it’s not. The roads where made to connect people living in the area, and originally people lived from fishing or farming  – by the sea, where the ground is flat.

– When cycling here you have mountains on one side, and the ocean on the other, while you continuously pass small and charming places where you can stop for photos or a snack. Just remember to bring water and food with you, there are not too many supermarkets in this area, states Astrid Berthinussen, Director of Tourism in Vesterålen.

The route around the island Hadsel offers beautiful scenery and is a super one day trip. Photo: Sebastien Goujaud

One day trip

The recommended trail around Hadselsøya (42 km) is well suited for a day trip. Here you travel on the outer side of Hadselsøya, between Melbu and Stokmarknes, a narrow, cumbersome, but easily biked trail. On the way you’ll enjoy the the view over the great ocean towards Lofoten and Bø in Vesterålen.

Take a break at the bench of love at Taen beach. Here you’ll find the great art installation Ræk IV as well. Some kilometers off the beach, towards Stokmarknes, you’ll pass Uvêrshula – created by mother nature’s own building blocks. The cave is great for a visit in the midnight sun, as well as during a storm. Next stop is Gallery Uvær, which is recommended for everyone, regardless of weather you are interested in art or not.

The destination Vesterålen also offers exciting whale- and orca safari, in addition to attractions like Museum Nord. The disused fishing village, Nyksund, is also an exciting place to go, where you´ll find a tasty fish restaurant, among others.

A very special museum

You should also know that Stokmarknes in Vesteråeln is known for beeing the birthplace of Hurtigruta, The Norwegian Coastal Express, often referred to as «the most beautiful sea voyage in the world». At The House of Hurtigruten, you’ll find a museum with the ship Finnmarken that’s been put ashore. This is Vesterålen’s most dearing art initiative, and absolutely worth a visit.

You’ll find more information about this trip recommendations to other bike trails around Vesterålen here.

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