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Experience all of Norway – In just two weeks

The Norwegian student Cecilie Larsen had one of her best summer holidays with the Explore Norway Ticket. Here she tells you all about it, while sharing some of her best tips for travelling across Norway.

So much to see, yet so little time….

Norway may be the longest country in Europe, but it´s actually possible to experience all of summer Norway in one go. Well, almost at least.

Widerøe’s Explore Norway Ticket lets you travel as much as you want in Norway for 14 days. You can choose between flying across all of Norway, or within one or two zones. In other words: you are able to decide the travel route for your needs and desires.



Time for a break by Hjørundfjorden in Møre og Romsdal. Photo: Mattias Fredriksson/

All around Norway – twice!

Norwegian student, Cecilie Larsen, is one of those who have travelled using the Explore Norway ticket ─ and not just once. After 20 flights in five days with the Explore Norway ticket in 2013, she wanted more. Last summer, she once again hopped on the green propeller aircrafts, and did 54 flights in ten days. Within the fourteen days she travelled with the Explore Norway ticket, she visited Bodø, Sandnessjøen, Tromsø, Andenes, Hammerfest, Mosjøen, Trondheim, Stokmarknes, Brønnøysund, Namsos, Kristiansund, Florø, Bergen, Stavanger, Sandefjord and Kristiansand.

─ Some would say it´s madness, but I love flying. You really get a good glimpse of our long country, and you see all the contrasts in the landscape from the air. In addition, you get the things, which you never feel you have the time for, done on an airplane. I read three whole crime novels for exampble, Larsen says and laughs.



While Larsen got the feel of the Norwegian summer in Finnmark, she emphasizes that her intensive travel route might not be for everyone with an Explore Norway ticket. She recommends a smoother route if you are looking for more summer adventures on the ground.

─ I started planning my trip in May, and travelled in midst July. I recommend those who wish to travel with the Explore Norway ticket to start the planning well ahead, and figure out what they actually want to see and do in Norway. That makes it easier to plan a route that suits you, Larsen says.

  • Do you want route suggestions? Follow the Wideroe blog for travel tips, and read more about the different hubs here.

Useful flight and saving tips

Cecilie Larsen is a student, thus it was important to save as much money as she could on the trip.

─ For me it was important to not sleep at hotels. I planned the route so I either slept at my parents house in Arendal, or in my own appartment in Bodø, she says and adds:

─ I recommend all travelers who want to save money to plan the accommodation well ahead. Ask friends, family and acquaintances that live close by your route if you can sleep at their place.

Take an extra look at your friends list on Facebook, or check if you have a distant relative somewhere that kan offer accommodation for a night or two.



In addition to her novels, there was one thing Larsen couldn’t live without while travelling throughout Norway:

─ Headphones! It is very important to have a pair of proper headphones ─ preferably some noise cancelling ones ─ on the trip. Thety will block out the engine roars and other sounds in the cabin. When you fly a lot, you apreciate some peace and quiet more than you realize, she says.

─ And remember to always keep the window shades open at all times. Suddenly, you might see something incredible out there, Larsen says.

 She describes her summer holiday with the Explore Norway ticket as one of the best she has ever had.

─ I think there are many people who have seen «everything», from Vietnam to New York, but never experienced the fjords along Helgelandskysten or felt the summer of Southern Norway. Everybody should explore Norway, and Wideroe’s Explore Norway ticket is without a doubt the best way to do it.



Top photo: Viev from Reinebringen in Lofoten. Licenced by Tomasz Furmanek/  

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