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Explore Norway this summer: 6 smart tips for planning

Are you planning for the summer holiday of all-time in Norway? Listening to the cries of seagulls in Southern Norway, eating local food at the head of a fjord in Western Norway, enjoying the midnight sun in Lofoten and going deep sea fishing in Finnmark? You can do this! Here is some good advice on how to do it:

Travelling with the Explore Norway Ticket allows you to visit an entire 41 destinations in Norway within 14 days. You can travel to places you might not otherwise be able to visit during a two-week holiday, and you can experience all the variety that Norway as a holiday destination has to offer.


If you are sporty and flexible, you can have a fantastic holiday in Norway by making all or part of the trip up as you go along, jumping on a flight with free space, then arranging accommodation and making the most of this impromptu way of travelling. The only important thing here is to book the flights you must take in order to not miss appointments or special experiences. In any case, most people will probably prefer that the majority of the journey is planned, including flights, accommodation and ideas for possible adventures in the different places.

Therefore if you spend an evening or two on the laptop then you will quickly discover that this effort will lead to you enjoying yourself even more!

You can travel on the Explore Norway Ticket in July and August, and the price depends on the number of zones you want to travel in: 1 zone costs NOK 3,460, 2 zones cost NOK 4,070 and the entire country costs NOK 4,680. If you want a third week, this costs NOK 2,040. For Children: 1 zone NOK 2,595, 2 zones NOK 3,053 and the entire country NOK 3,510, with a surcharge of NOK 1,530 for an extra week.

Do you dream of flying from place to place this summer? You can buy the Explore Norway Ticket here. 

1. Familiarise yourself with the route map and departure times

The first thing you should do is look at the route map to get an idea of where the flights go. As mentioned, Widerøe flies to 42 destinations in Norway, and so you need to find out which places are most enticing and which hubs you may need to travel via. When searching for flight connections, it may be worthwhile breaking up the journey – to the nearest hub, then on to the desired destination. More tips for planning can be found here.

In summary: Identify which places or activities are most important for you to visit and make a priority list.

Are you finding it hard to decide where you want to go? Here we have put together a lot of information about the Explore Norway Ticket and some tips for places and adventures.  

2. Buy your ticket – and start booking

If you start in plenty of time before your holiday, you will be able to find available seats on most of the departures you want. Once you have purchased the ticket, and thus narrowed the travel period down to 14 days, you can start searching and booking in a separate search function for the Explore Norway Ticket. Please note that each flight has a certain number of tickets reserved for the Explore Norway Ticket* and that the most popular routes will be quickly filled up during the summer!

The Southern Norway idyll. Photo: Visit Sørlandet

The Southern Norway idyll awaits, complete with the cries of seagulls and white sails on the fjord. Remember that popular flights between the South and North fill up quickly during the summer, so book as early as possible. Photo: Visit Sørlandet

You are free to add to and change the itinerary as you wish within the travel period you have selected. The exception is the first route — it cannot be changed. Otherwise you can fly as much as you want, up to four times on each route, that is twice in each direction. You can book up to two hours before departure, but we advise you to book as early as possible.

*If you search for tickets on the homepage of, you will not be able to see if there are any available Explore Norway Tickets remaining for the flight. 

3. Stay in a hotel, on a campsite, privately or in rented accommodation? 

Where will you stay? Do you like staying in a hotel or do you prefer self catering in a cabin? Maybe a room rented via AirBnB? Often, it may be a question of budget, so it can be nice to vary slightly based on how long you will stay, and what else you will spend money on. After a few days in a cabin, it may be nice to book into a cosy hotel at the next place, before renting a single room in the third place – and spending the evening in a good restaurant.

A roof over the head: Modern cabins at Husfrua Gårdshotell in Inderøy, Trøndelag. Photo: Marianne Hope

There are currently many good search engines for accommodation, such as,, etc. Here too, it might be smart to do this early, so you get the best price and have the greatest choice. At popular destinations such as Lofoten, the influx of visitors is considerable. In the most visited places it will be more or less sold out.

For more inspiration – see our travel blog.

4. Transport at the destination

You also need to think about how you will get around to see and experience what the place has to offer. You can get good help with this from your mobile phone, specifically via the Entur app, which we recommend that you download. The app has a search function and will cover all of Norway. It is also possible to buy tickets directly from the app.

On your Explore Norway trip you will be able to use a variety of different means of transport, such as taxi, bus, boat, hire car and bicycle.

A hire car is a good option if the airport is a distance from your destination and you also want to see the surrounding areas. You can book a hire car, which will be ready at the airport.

Or how about renting a bicycle to get to the city centre and to explore the destination? Widerøe offers Fly and Bike in a number of places, where the bike will be waiting when you land. Otherwise, most tourist offices can arrange rental bikes.

A bicycle is a good transport option, regardless of whether you want to cycle long distances, or just roll from attraction to attraction. Photo: Terje Rakke – Nordic Life/

There are also a number of regular bus and boat routes, and timetables can be found on, (in norwegian) and For fast boats and cruises in Sogn og Fjordane and Hordaland, see In Nordland, you can get unlimited travel for one week by fast boat and bus with a Travelpass Nordland.

When it comes to transfers to and from the airport, Avinor has information about the distances to city/town centres as well as airport buses and taxis.

5. Create a folder with travel documents

If you plan your holiday in February or March, by the time you are actually on holiday, you will definitely have forgotten what the campsite in Sogndal is called or which car hire company you booked with. It is therefore a good idea to create folders on your computer, where you can collect all the bookings. A separate document with links to useful websites is also a good idea. With many destinations and lots of searches it is easy to get into a muddle. So when you are standing there and wondering what the boat rental company is actually called, or what it said about the tour, you will thank yourself for doing the planning.

The most enthusiastic planners might want to even print out all the documents and put them in a binder?

6. Packing tips: what do you need for the trip?

Although the calendar shows that the holidays start in July, it is not always the case in Norway that there will be several consecutive weeks of “shorts weather”. On the contrary, it is often necessary to have a woollen base layer, summer down jacket, thick socks and a woolly hat, in addition to swimwear and summer clothes. What type of activities have you arranged?  Where are you staying? What type of transport are you using? If you are going to ride a bike, you will want to minimize your luggage. If you are hiring a car, you are not as restricted. Would you like to have your own cycle helmet and shorts? Fishing rod? Nice outfit? Small backpack? Walking boots? Golf shoes? Sheet sleeping bag?

Big holiday experiences are awaiting you in Norway. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

Big holiday experiences are awaiting you in Norway – you put it all together yourself. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

The point is to think through this well in advance, so you don’t have to make decisions on the night before you leave when your bags are suddenly full You generally need less than you think. Bring a small container of washing powder, then you can wash your favourite clothes if necessary. But make a list – you are not going to regret it.

Norway is waiting for you – have a good trip!

Photo at the top of article: Sissel Fornes

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