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Get up close to nature in Florø

Do you prefer rural idylls or cycling through ocean spray? In the island kingdom of Sogn and Fjordane you can have your cake and eat it.

Pick up your bike at the airport, start pedalling and hey presto – you’ll be in the centre of Florø within ten minutes. Possibly sooner.
“Everywhere is within easy distance here. But the first thing you should do is take a little ride around the westernmost town in Norway. It’s really charming and friendly,” says Marita Solheim of FjordKysten.
Hungry after your journey? In that case she recommends the fish soup at Hjørnevikbua or a salad at Lille Marked.

– If you are up for a full dinner, I can highly recommend eating at one of our coastal hotels, Quality Hotel Florø or Comfort Victoria Hotel Florø. They both specialize in local food and have great seafood, she adds.

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Island-hopping and then some!

You haven’t experienced island-hopping until you arrive in Florø as a summer tourist! Simply put, it’s perfect for cyclists. Just make your way to the quayside at Fugleskjærkaia and hop onto one of the ferries waiting to carry you to new adventures 25 minutes away. The saga island of Kinn is at must, she claims and recommend that you walk to the picturesque medieval church and maybe also go for a walk up the mountain Kinnaklova. If you want to go around the island, it’s a good two hours walk – with a splendid view.
“It’ s simply quite magical at Kinn who also has a very exciting story. Information points have been set up on the island where you can read the story, or you attend a guided tour where you sign up in advance», says Solheim.

Fly and Bike Florø

The Kinna church is built in stone, probably some time in the 12th century. It is the oldest and the only one of its kind in the region of Sunnfjord. PhotoHåvard Stubhaug

Selfie with a deer?

She also recommends a trip to Svanøy.
“It’s quite a gem! There’s very little traffic and the terrain is flat. One of the big attractions is Svanøy Hovedgård, a superb manor house with a rich history and a large garden,” she explains.
The island is also home to the Norwegian Deer Centre. Not only does it carry out research, offer courses and manage free-range deer, it can also arrange guided tours. Just remember to call at least one day ahead, and you might be lucky enough to get a selfie with a deer!
And don’t miss the Nordsjøporten (Gate to the North Sea) either: a five-kilometre road with six bridges linking the islands at the mouth of the fjord.
“Take the express boat from Florø to Askvoll, then the ferry out to Værlandet, and then cycle on to Bulandet. With all the boat routes, you can go island hopping over a large area,”  Solheim explains.

Fjordkysten Florø

Bulandet and Værlanet © Kieran Kolle / Fjordkysten

Say hello to Svartekari and Prestesonen

If you haven’t met these two, perhaps you’re familiar with Bresjnev or Gamleguten? They all belong to the Kinn Brewery family of beers, one of the very best craft breweries in Norway.
“Visit VesleKinn café in Storgaten downtown or join a guided tour with tastings at the brewery. They are very good communicators, so it’s a really superb experience,” says Solheim who adds that you actually can visit three breweries in the area.

«You can join the Brewery Tour which will take you to Kinn, Ægir and Ciderhuset. They all have great storytellers that make the trip worthwhile.»

The last attraction she will point out, is the weather – not thinking of sunshine:

“There’s a lot of weather out here on the coast, and that’s part of the experience. Then again, there aren’t so many tourists here that you have to stand in queues, and that’s worth something in itself!”

Photo on top of the article: Steinar Bauge

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