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Island-hopping on two wheels along the coast of Helgeland

You need to manage three things at once when you’re cycling along the world’s most beautiful coastline: the pedals, taking in the view and staying on the path!

The Nordland coastal route is one of the most beautiful routes in the world: it is stated in black and white by National Geographic. Cruising this stretch of coastline in a car is an amazing experience, and no less amazing when you go by bike.

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Torghatten rises barely 258 metres over the sea, but on the other hand it can boast a hole that’s 160 metres long, 35 metres high and 20 metres wide. Photo: Jan Inge Larsen/Helgeland Reiseliv – Ronny Lien/

Kinder Surprise – three things in one

What about a three-day round trip from Brønnøysund, with a trip to Torghatten, island-hopping to the World Heritage Site Vega Archipelago – and several restaurant visits you’re unlikely to forget?
“We get a lot of requests for precisely these experiences so we’ve put together a package in which all of the planning has been done for you,” says Marius Haga at tour operator Kystriksveien.
He believes the tour is well suited to those who enjoy good food and Norwegian culture.
“The tour is suitable for anyone who has a taste for nature experiences and the good life!”

Forget about your luggage

Kystriksveien can also transfer your luggage between the various overnight stops. It couldn’t be easier!
“Since we started doing this three years ago, cycling holidays along the coastal route have been accessible for far more people,” Haga explains.
This facility is available along the whole of the Nordland coastal route, from Trondheim to Bodø.

Vega Havhotell

Enjoy good food and beautiful surroundings at Vega Havhotell. Photo: Olav Breen

Hole in one!

The biggest natural attraction is the rock with a hole in it: Torghatten. After a gentle hour’s cycle ride from Brønnøysund, park your bike and walk up to the rock opening.
“The walk up is easily accessible and takes about 15 minutes. The hole has spectacular dimensions,” says Haga, “and it’s quite something to walk through it and see the view from both sides.”
Another attraction is Lokalmatbutikken (the Local Food Shop), to which Haga sends anyone who happens to be interested in food.“It also has a small cafe – with home-made food and freshly ground coffee – which is very popular.”

Greedy for more mountains?

After three days of living the life of Riley, you might fancy continuing your tour northwards to Sandnessjøen and the Seven Sisters mountain range. More cycling and more nature.
“This is a real classic: the route north is magical. Aside from the mountains, there are over 10,000 islands in the archipelago. It’s beautiful and unspoiled and part of a magnificent coastal culture,” says the tour guide, making one final recommendation. A visit to florist Tommy Eide in his shop on Herøy at the mouth of the fjord, not far from Sandnessjøen.
“We’re talking world-class. The shop is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It’s not called Etcetera Botaniske Utskeielser (Etcetera Botanical Indulgences) for nothing!”

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