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Norway: the ultimate adrenaline rush

Norway makes the perfect playground for those seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush in extreme conditions.

You may think that many of the extreme sports require winter snow, but Norway´s offerings in the summer months will change your mind. Whether you want to go white-water rafting, bungee jumping, world-class downhill biking or test the Olympic luge track, you can do it.

If snow is really what you´re after, there are ways to find powder in the summer months too. Explore the glaciers, test your ice climbing skills or ski under the warmth of the summer sun.



Voss rafting 2 kopi









Sjoa is world-renowned and offers the best rafting in Norway. The wild river is famous for incredible green waters and fast rapids. The river takes you past rugged scenery, over rapids, waterfalls and strong currents.

Fly to Oslo and take the train to Otta, a journey of 3.5 hours.

Voss is the adrenaline capital of Norway, and white water rafting is a popular summer activity here. There are two rivers, graded 3-4+, which are 7-8 kilometers in length with a number of rapids on each course. It´s an unforgettable experience, whether you are experienced and want to do it alone with your friends, or you wish to join a group with Voss Rafting.

Alternatively, try waterfall rappelling, abseiling, riverboarding or canyoning.

Fly to Bergen and take the train to Voss, a journey of 1,5 hours.

Close to Førde, you’ll find Jølster Rafting. This camp offers riverboarding, paintball and abseiling as well as rafting. After a long and exciting day, Jølster offers barbeque in their wilderness camp, a hot bath in wooden tubs, and a night in lavvo tents.

Fly to Førde and take a car in the direction of Vassenden. Follow the signs that say «rafting».



River Pig Glacier Rafting, in Jostedal, allows you to test your nerves and embrace chilling glacier melt that runs the course of the river. Kayak and paddle among the glaciers edge and icebergs with Ice Troll Glacier Hiking and Kayaking.

Take to more solid ground and choose a glacier hike or ice climbing, either self-guided or with the company of an expert, and explore the incredible layers of blue ice.

Fly to Sogndal and hire a car at the airport. The journey to Jostedal is just one hour. Alternatively you can fly to Sandane Airport and hire a car at the airport there. Sandane Airport is two hours and 30 minutes from Jostedal.



#strynsummerski opens thursday 26.05 at 10.00 h #folven

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There are a few high-altitude summer ski resorts in Norway, offering year round winter sports, but Stryn Summer Ski Centre is the largest and is also conveniently located in Jostedal Glacier. Situated at 1065-1600 metres it offers alpine, cross-country, telemark and off-piste skiing and snowboarding.




To describe the climbing routes in Norway would be an endless task, but it definitely deserves to be mentioned here. The country is a mecca for walking, scrambling and climbing. No matter where you go, you will be able to find hiking or rock climbing routes.

Some of the best areas for bouldering, sports climbing and large walls include Lofoten, Lysefjord outside of Stavanger, and Romsdal, accessible from Molde or Ålesund.



Go skydiving or paragliding and take to the skies for a panoramic view of Norway’s incredible scenery. This will certainly push your boundaries and leave you with unforgettable memories. One of the most established skydiving clubs is located in Voss. Drop by and find out what it is all about or book a tandem jump in the safety of an experienced instructor.

If you are not ready for the real thing, visit Vossvind, an indoor skydiving facility. If you would prefer to soar above the ground try tandem paragliding.

How about a bungee jump?

Trolljuv Adrenaline Park is perfect for testing limits with one of Norway’s best bungee jumps. The bridge platform crosses a ravine 115 metres above the fjord. Fly high!

Fly to Haugesund and hire a car, a journey of one hour and 30 minutes.



Lørdag 28.05 har vi Drop In i Bob- og Akebanen fra kl 10! Les mer på www.olympiaparken.no

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In the summer, Hafjell Ski Resort turns into a championship bike park, opening on 18th of June. If you love the thrill of riding downhill trails at all levels, this is the place to visit. The park has an elevation of 750 metres and 25km of tracks, accessible by chairlift and gondola, offering stunning views on the ascent. Bike and equipment hire is available so you don’t need to travel with your gear.

Head to Olympic Park and the bobsleigh and luge park, one of a kind in Scandinavia. In the summer months, try the wheelbob for the same adrenaline rush as the bobsleigh. Each sled takes four people and a pilot. Reach speeds of 100km/h as you whizz down the track.

Fly to Oslo and take a train to Lillehammer where you will find Olympic Park, a journey of 1,5 hours. Hafjell is just 15 minutes away by bus. With a rented car, simply take the E6 north and follow the signs to Lillehammer and Hafjell.



Absorb yourself in adrenaline and meet like-minded people at Extreme sports week in Voss on 26th of June – 3rd of July. The week’s program is filled with sport and culture, supported by concerts and events in the evenings, attracting local and international bands and artists.

Try extreme sports such as skydiving, climbing, rafting, biking and kayaking for the first time in a safe environment with qualified instructors. Or try the sports in a new, challenging environment  if you´re an expert!

If this is not enough to prove that Norway is one of the adventure capitals of the world, then come and see for yourself. The Explore Norway ticket allows you to access the main destinations that connect with train links as well as airports in the more rural destinations, which are often the places which offer the best playground for adventures sports.


Top Photo: Extreme Sports Week in Voss. License by Asgeir Helgestad/Artic Light AS/visitnorway.com

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