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Over hill and mountain in Gloppen

You’re not a slave to time in Gloppen – with all the attractions round about, you’re master of your own time.

Fly to Sandane and be lured into the mountains. Or rescued by fjords. Whether you want to cycle along peaceful, flat stretches along a fjord or pedal up into the mountains for the views, there is a choice of numerous routes, and just minutes away.
“You don’t need a hire car or bus to experience the local sights. Everything is within cycling distance, even the airport,” says Knut Roger Nesdal, Business Leader at Gloppen Council and an active cyclist.
“We have 26 marked trails and a rich network of prepared mountain roads and paths. So the only question is what do you want to experience?”

With Fly and Bike, simply pick up your bike at Sandane airport and after a few minutes in the saddle you’re in the town centre.
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Fly and Bike Gloppen

A ride up to see the view is compulsory. Photo: Eyolf Johnsen

Fjord or mountain?

Cycles are hired from Gloppen Aktiv, who offer both normal touring bikes and off-road bikes.
If you choose an off-road bike to explore the mountain trails, it’s good to know that it will have full suspension and that insurance, helmet, gloves and knee pads are all included in the package. But you don’t need to pedal like a wild man to get around Gloppen.

“It’s lovely to cycle alongside the fjord. Sandane lies at the innermost section of the fjord and there are excellent routes on both sides. You can also cycle to the golf park, hire equipment and do a round on the excellent nine-hole course,” says Nesdal, who otherwise challenges summer tourists on two wheels to pedal up to Traudalen, Langedalen or the viewing point at Engsetåsen.

“You get a fantastic view from here overlooking an authentic and well-preserved mountain farming area,” he explains. “It’s also possible to park your bike and continue on foot with fishing rods or to the nearest peak.

Gloppen is the place for outdoor enthusiasts!” Photo: Stian Gustafsson/Hugvik Foto.

Local delights

Turning towards the town centre, the locals are busy developing the walking areas in Trivselsskogen by making paths and preparing viewing points and meeting places.
“You can make or hang a heart for your loved one on one of the tree trunks in Kjærleiksskogen [Lover’s Wood]!”

Speaking of locals, a visit to Gloppen Hotel is a must. If you want to eat local food on your holiday, then this is the place. The hotel sources all of its raw ingredients from local farmers, fishermen and hunters, and has won many awards for its cuisine. The hotel itself writes that it serves ”untravelled food” since all of its raw ingredients come from within a three-kilometre radius of the hotel!

Nesdal recommends that we “enjoy a meal at the hotel, but also try Danish pastries from the bakery and lunch at Lauget. Then when you’re full, stiff and sore, you can pay a visit to one of Norway’s coolest sports centres – the Trivselshagen sports centre and swimming pool. The Norwegian “handball girls” spent a whole week here in 2015.

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