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Pedalling through amazing destinations in Norway

The varied landscapes of Norway are perfect to experience on two wheels.

Imagine returning from a great vacation with a body that´s in much better shape than when you left. It´s accually possible ─ and you even get to be outside every day, feel the wind in your hair, get some color in your cheeks – and get close to nature.

Many people dream of exploring Norway by bike, just pedaling away, into the forest, up a mountain, or simply across the city streets. Unfortunately, those dreams are often not fulfilled due to practical reasons.
A bike can be cumbersome to drag around. It’s bad enough when you’re travelling alone, but for a family, bringing bikes for everyone quickly gets out of the question. Bringing a bike on a bus or a train is not easy either, especially not during tourist season.

Luckily there’s a fantastic concept that will let you go on the bike holiday of a lifetime ─ without even bringing a bike.

Be sure to make time to just hang around! We recommend you visit the pier in Bodø where yachts from all over the world make a stop. Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life /

Fly and Bike

With the concept Fly and Bike, Widerøe lets you combine the convenience of airplane travelling and an easily accessible bike holiday.

It’s as easy as it is genius.The same way you rent a car, you can rent a bicycle directely at the airport. Just pick up your backpack from the luggage belt, and hop on the bike.

Fly and Bike gives you the opportunity to choose between some of Norway’s best hike- and nature areas, which are also well facilitated for cycling. The destinations have sufficient road and trail standard, plenty of accommodations, and a lot of beautiful and intersting places to see along the way.

How to get on a cycling holiday

It’s really simple as well: Book a flight to a destination with the arrangment, add a bike booking (remember to choose either pick up or delivery), and the bike will be waiting for you shorly after landing.

In this link you can se which destinations that currently are available for Widerøe’s Fly and Bike arrangement.


When biking in Lofoten, remember to make time take pictures! Photo: Ernst Furuhatt/

In combination with an Explore Norway Ticket from Widerøe, you can literally bike through all the most amazing places in Norway during the summer!Keep in mind that the backpack might become heavy during the trip. Think about weight, and avoid bringing things you don’t really need. If you´re looking for more tips on how to pack your backpack, and recommendations about clothing, check out this complete packing list for bike trips.

With Fly and Bike, we guarantee you the most vigorous vacation ever!

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Top Photo: Kristin-Folsland-Olsen /

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