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Western Norway: Say hello to Bergen!

Bergen is a fun and charming city full of hustle and bustle all year round. Enjoy a wonderful stay in what was once considered the be the capital of Norway – and look out for the world famous fjords!

Bergen is a World Heritage City and a European Capital of Culture – perfect for a visit in the autumn or winter. You can enjoy fish food, attend concerts, go shopping or on sightseeing to numerous interesting attractions – or seek to the mountains for a breathtaking experience. In fact, in Bergen, you get the perfect combination of nature, culture and urban lifestyle!

The historical Bryggen is UNESCO World Heritage and the most famous buildings in Bergen. Photo: Andres Giubelli /

The city centre is quite small and perfect for a stroll without a plan. The city  has a mix of traditional wooden houses and brick buildings, as well as modern architecture –  and of course – on the dockside right downtown you will find the iconic Bryggen. Take the time to wander through narrow streets and alleys and feel the small-town charm and atmosphere anytime of the year. Or even go on a segway tour through historic alleyways and attraction

Eager to visit Western Norway? Come fly with us to Bergen!

Wandering through the narrow alleys is a real time travel. Photo: Martin Håndlykken /

World famous viewpoints in Bergen

Hiking up to one of the many magnificent viewpoints in Bergen can give your day a perfect start. Situated a mere 150 metres from Bryggen and the fish market in the city centre, the Fløibanen funicular takes you 320 metres up to the top of the Fløyen mountain. If you are feeling a bit sporty, the route up the mountain makes for a nice walk, taking just under an hour at a comfortable pace. The route takes you through charming, narrow cobblestone streets and lush woodland paths, and past cheerful people enjoying a nice walk.

The viewpoint on the top of Fløybanen is at must – and is well worth the effort, whether you take the funicular or walk. Photo: Øyvind Heen /

If you are feeling ambitious, you can walk up Bergen’s highest mountain, Ulriken. Or simply take the Ulriken cable car that brings you comfortably to the top in just seven minutes. The viewpoint offers a panoramic, 360-degree view of Bergen with the sea, archipelago, fjords and mountains. If not both, at least one of these viewpoints should be on your list!

Ulriksbanen i Bergen. Foto: Bergen Reiselivslag/ Espen Haagensen

Different top, different view! The highest mountain in Bergen, populær amongst visitors as well as the locals. Photo: Bergen Reiselivslag/ Espen Haagensen

Don’t miss out on the fjords

The Norwegian fjord are world famous attractions, and if you have a chance, you should put a fjord tour or a cruise onto your bucket list. Without exaggerating the narrow fjords, glaciers, steep mountain sides, beautiful islands and spectacular waterfalls literally will take your breath. See which fjord tours are available during winter season.


The fish market is right next to Bryggen and is an authentic local market where people actually buy their seafood and fish for dinner. Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life AS /

Pop in to the legendary fish market and taste some juicy pieces of king crab before strolling on to The Hanseatic Museum. Here the smell of stockfish clings to the walls, and visitors are given a unique view of the lives of the German Hanseatic League fishermen in the period between 1350 and 1750.

The old Bergen on a lovely autumn day! Photo: Bergen Reiselivslag / Willy Haraldsen /

Your museum visit may have left your stomach growling, and what could be better than an appetising seafood lunch? Try some exciting tapas with a coastal feel at Bare Vestland, or go for a proper, classic fish soup at the historic Finnegaardsstuene at The Hanseatic Hotel.

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KODE i Bergen. Foto Dag Fosse

Time will fly when you enter Bergen’s exciting art scene at KODE. Photo: Dag Fosse

That is known to happen in Bergen, but have no fear, a little water from above has never stopped the locals! However, it might be a great opportunity to experience the art treasures of Bergen at KODE (the Bergen Art Museums). Become an art connoisseur in no time,  and wander among the works of great artists such as Edvard Munch, Nikolai Astrup and Pablo Picasso, or learn the unknown history of «The Red Woman» Marie Hvos

If you would rather travel to the future than visit the past, the VilVite  science centre is the place for you. Take the lift into outer space and travel in orbit around the Earth or conduct your very own experiment.

P.S.: These places are worth a visit, even if it doesn’t rain.

A taste of Christmas?

If visiting Bergen in late November or December you will be filled with the good, old Christmas spirit! Photo: Christer Rønnestad /Bergen Reiselivslag /

If you are longing for the good, old Christmas atmosphere, you might consider coming to Bergen in late November or December. The first Sunday of Advent you might join the Festival of Lights – the traditional annual opening of the Christmas season. To this event families are invited to light torches and march around Lille Lungegårdvann lake in the heart of Bergen – and finally to enjoy fantastic fireworks.

In the beginning of December, for the second time, Bergen Christmas Market is opening, right in the heart of Bergen at Festplassen square. The organizer promises handmade, homemade, edible and maybe even a gift made by the artists themselves while you wait!

The Gingerbread Town is impressive in many ways, especially considering the effort from the young bakers! Photo: Bergen Reiselivslag /

Last, but not least – go see the the world’s biggest gingerbread city! Pupils and children in kindergartens every year create miniature houses, trains, cars, ships and even oil platforms and spaceships to the traditional exhibition. If you didn’t feel the Christmas spirit before, you will feel loaded after the visit to the Gingerbread City of Bergen!


Bergen nightlife is an experience in itself, and there are plenty of places to choose from. If you’d prefer to escape the noisy nightlife and DJ scene, enjoy a nice glass of wine in the atmospheric and historic wine cellar Altona Wine Bar.

The long-established Café Opera offers not only beer and wine, but also concerts and quiz nights.

When night falls, we recommend checking out the cocktails of the renowned Lysverket. The Lysverket cocktails have received international media attention and are mixed using self-made juices, syrups and bitters. We also recommend trying the cocktails at Muskedunder. They also offer a great selection of beer. Perhaps a round or two of shuffleboard, before your day in Bergen comes to an end?

See what is going on in Bergen!

Photo on top of article: Robin Strand / Fjord Norway

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