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Corporate Portal

Corporate Portal


The Corporate Portal is an efficient booking tool that gives you a full overview of your company's trips.

Book Widerøe trips and onward connections with our partners. As a member of  SAS For Business you will also get your discounts.

Let's Work Together!

Corporate travel statistics

The Travel Manager has access to a number of corporate travel statistics and reports

Enjoy 24-hours online support

We offer access to Widerøe's online support, available 24 hours per day on weekdays and daytime during the weekend.

Save money - Enroll into a Corporate Agreement

Widerøe is part of the corporate program SAS for Business, a program that offers discounts on all Widerøe routes.

Create travel profiles

All employees can registrer personal travel profiles to simplify the bookings process

Earn EuroBonus-points

All employees can earn EuroBonus points on most Widerøe flights

Book combination flights with our partners

You can book Widerøe flights in combination with our airline partners in the Corporate Portal