Terms & conditions - Corporate Portal


1. General

The owner of this website is Widerøe AS, a Norwegian company, registered in the Brønnøysund Register Centre with organisation number: 917 281 629. By using this website, the company / the employee agrees to the terms & conditions for the corporate portal and the general terms for trips booked at wideroe.no

After confirmation from Widerøe, the company and the contact person gets access to the Widerøe Corporate Portal. The company is responsible for creating, storing and managing user-IDs and password securely.


2. Data about the company

The contact person is responsible for adding and maintaining the editable data in the profile section of the account. He/she also need to make sure that the required approvals and authorisations is present before an account is created in the name of the company.

Widerøe is not responsible or liable in any way if incorrect data is registered in the Corporate portal, either by employees or by person without any direct connection to the company.

All information about the company will be treated strictly confidential an in line with applicable legislation by Widerøe.


3. Personal data

Widerøe AS (917 281 629) is the responsible data controller

Personal data is processed in accordance with Widerøe’s privacy policy.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or other requests, please contact us at:

E-mail: support@wideroe.no

Phone number: +47 75 80 35 68

Address: Widerøe AS, ATT: Personvernombud, PB247, 8001 Bodø


3.1 Company Account

a) Upon registration of a corporate account the contact person/the employee consents to processing of person data with the purpose of providing a personalized user experience, in accordance with Widerøe’s privacy policy.

The consent can be withdrawn at any time by deactivating the account. Data will then not be processed. If the company want all the company data to be delete. Widerøe must be contacted at support@wideroe.no

b) The company contact person is responsible for ensuring that persons invited to create an employee profile are employed in the company, and that the information added about these individuals is correct.

c) The company contact person can at any time delete employee profiles connected to the corporate account.


3.2 Employee Profile

a) Upon activation of an employee profile, the employee give his/hers consent to the processing of personal data by Widerøe with the purpose of providing a personalised user experience, in accordance with Widerøe’s privacy policy.

Ved aktivering av en ansattprofil samtykker den ansatte til at Widerøe behandler persondata med hensikt å tilby en personalisert brukeropplevelse i henhold til Widerøes personvernerklæring.


4. Termination

The company remains the right to:

a) Without further notice, deactivating the company account

b) To request for the company data to be deleted (as described above)

c) Delete any employee account

The employee remains the right to:

a) To delete his profile and the related data (as described above)

Widerøe remains the right to:

a) Deactivate both company accounts and employee profiles


5. Changes to this website

Widerøe reserve the right to do changes in information, services and products in the Corporate Portal or anywhere else on Widerøe.no at any time and without further notice.


6. Changes to Terms of use

Widerøe reserve the right to change, alter, adapt, add or remove portions of the terms & conditions for the Corporate Portal at time and without prior notice. If the company/employee continues to use the Corporate Portal, the company/employee consents to the changes in the terms & conditions.