Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy (ver 9.2) carefully to understand how and for what purposes Wideroe processes your Personal Data.


1. Introduction

1.1. This Privacy Policy describes Wideroe AS’ and other entities’ within the Wideroe Group (“Wideroe”, “us” or “our”) processing of Personal Data. Personal Data is any and all information that can, directly or indirectly, be used to identify a natural person (“Personal Data”).  


1.2. This Privacy Policy applies to all our processing of Personal Data related to users of Wideroe’s website, App and other communication channels as well as services such as booking of flights, check-in, customer service, membership profiles and newsletters (together “Services”). 


1.3. Your integrity is of utmost importance to us and Wideroe only processes Personal Data in accordance with your preferences, any agreement you may have entered into with us, this Privacy Policy and applicable law.   


1.4. Please note that you may not be able to fully utilise our Services without disclosing Personal Data to us. 


1.5. If you disclose Personal Data to us about others, you are responsible for ensuring that these persons have given their consent to our processing of their Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and any additional terms applicable to the specific Services in question.   



2. Who is responsible for the processing of personal data?

2.1 Wideroe AS, Company Reg. No. 917 281 629 

Widerøe AS, ATT: Personvernombud, PB247, 8001 Bodø

is the controller of most of the processing of your Personal Data in connection with the provision of the Services.   

Entities within the Wideroe Group, or third parties such as Wideroe’s partners, may be processors or joint controllers of your Personal Data with regards to your use of some of the Services. We may also be required to transfer certain Personal Data to public authorities, in which case they will be controllers of the Personal Data transferred.



3. What personal data is collected and how is it used?

3.1. Widerøe may collect Personal Data directly from you when you use the Services (e.g. book a flight). Widerøe may also receive Personal Data from companies within the Widerøe Group or partners from time to time, for instance if you have used a travel agency to book your flight or indicated your EuroBonus membership number. 

3.2 Depending on what Services you use, the Personal Data collected, the means of collection and the purpose of the processing, may vary. Widerøe may process your Personal Data for the purposes set out below as well as purposes described to you in connection with the specific Services you use:


Booking, managing a trip and check in

Widerøe will process your Personal Data to manage your bookings, including, but not limited to, check-in services, information about previous and future journeys, seat reservations, and manage your EuroBonus membership number. 

When booking flights, hotels, rental cars and other travel related services and products via Widerøe, Widerøe processes your name, address, gender, phone number, e-mail address, EuroBonus and other frequent flyer programme numbers. For some discounted tickets (eg. Youth, Student) Widerøe will also process your date of birth. Passport information is also processed for trips to/from countries where this is required.

All booking data is stored for thirty-six (36) months after your journey, in order to provide you with e.g. customer support (receipts etc.) and your travel history.

Widerøe acknowledge that when booking flights, you may need to provide us with Personal data that are categorised as special categories of Personal data, such as information regarding need of Assistance or Special meals. Special categories of Personal data is always handled with extra care and security. 



When booking a ticket and/or additional services such as extra baggage, special baggage and Fast track we will need you to provide us with your payment data in order to enable your payment. Widerøe has put in place measures to keep your payment data secure and that it is processed in a lawful way. The data is both entered at and stored with our carefully chosen Service providers (Processors) that are compliant with mandatory payment card industry requirements (PCI DSS). Your payment data is therefore never stored or accessed by Widerøe but only by our Service providers.



When registering a profile (My trips or Corporate Portal), and agreeing to the terms and Conditions thereof, you are entering an agreement with Widerøe. 

When you register for a profile, Widerøe will process the personal data you provide us with in your profile (gender, first name, last name, email, date of birth, phone number, post code, country) with the purpose of providing you with your account and to keep these data prefilled in bookings when logged into the profile.

If your choose to add trips to your profile, your trip details (e.g. origin, destination, operating airline date and time) and receipts will be stored along with the profile. In addition, you can add information about your companion travellers in the profile such as first name, last name, gender to use in the booking process. You can also opt in/opt out to market communication from Widerøe.

If you choose to attach a payment card to your profile, the data is processed (collected and stored) and secured by our Service Providers. Our Service providers process such data on our behalf and Widerøe never accesses the data. Widerøe only keep a token (representation of the credit card number) in your Profile which alone cannot be used for payment.

Widerøe’s processing of your personal data in relation to your Profile is either based on your explicit consent or necessary in order to fulfil our agreement with you. We might also process your data in anonymised form for statistical and analytical purposes (eg. count the number of profiles from a region or country).


My Trips

Upon registering a My Trips account Widerøe will process your Personal data in accordance with the above (Profiles). By deleting your account, Widerøe will delete and cease to process your data, except your booking data (see *Booking, managing a trip and check in, above*). Any additional personal data that you have chosen to add to your profile but that is not necessary for the registration of your account, you can easily delete in your profile and Widerøe will no longer process such data.


Corporate Portal - Travel Manager

Upon registering a corporate account Widerøe will process your Personal data in accordance with the above (Profiles). As a travel manager, you will be able to invite your employees and access the Personal data of employees that accept the invitation to the portal. You are responsible of handling these data securely and in accordance with applicable law. You can stop the processing of the employee data at any time by deleting the employee profile.

We process your Personal Data based on our legitimate interest of fulfilling our agreement with your employer.

Processing of the company account can be stopped by choosing to delete the account, except your booking data (see *Booking, managing a trip and check in, above*).  The account will then be deactivated and deleted after 12 months. If you want to immediately delete the data, please contact us directly.


Corporate Portal - Employee

The travel manager for the corporate account will, if you accept his/hers invitation and thereby activates a corporate employee profile, have access to the Personal Data in your profile in order to manage your employee profile. However you will, at any time, be able to withdraw your consent and disable your employer’s access, by deleting your account.  Your booking data will then only be accessed by Widerøe (see *Booking, managing a trip and check in, above*).

We process your Personal Data based on our legitimate interest of fulfilling our agreement with your employer. 


Statistics and Analysis  

Widerøe may anonymise the Personal Data collected from you in connection with the Services, to use in aggregated form as a basis for improvements, statistics and analysis (eg. count the number of newsletter recipients from a region or country).


Social media

When using some of our Services you can connect your social media profile ( Facebook and/or LinkedIn) to our website to enhance your experience. If you connect your social media profile we will use the social media profile information to populate blank fields (for instance when you make a reservation), with e.g. name, date of birth, telephone number and address. 


Customer service 

If you contact our customer service via e-mail, chat, telephone, SMS or other channels, we may process the Personal Data you provide us with (e.g. name, telephone number, address and e-mail address) and travel information (including booking details) in order to provide you with customer services or provide the Services you request. Personal Data that is not used in connection with the provision of a specific Service is either deleted or made anonymous within thirty-six (36) months.


Marketing communication

If you sign up to receive Widerøe’s newsletters, we will process Personal Data such as your name, e-mail address and telephone number (depending on through what channels you have selected to receive newsletters) for as long as you keep your subscription. If cancelling your subscription, such Personal Data will be deleted or made anonymous (unless such Personal Data is processed for other purposes as well), and you will no longer receive newsletters from us. You may, of course, at any time resume your subscription.

We may also, with your consent, transfer your Personal Data to third party marketing companies (e.g. Facebook, Google, Instagram) to show you relevant and personalised advertisements, measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign or to record traffic flow and ad clicks.

You can manage your subscription to newsletters and consents according with the above from your membership profile (see section “Profiles”). 


Wideroe’s App 

If you download our App, we may process your Personal Data as necessary to provide you the Services included in the App. This may include providing your flight information, previous and future journeys, and to allow you to check-in. Widerøe may, as applicable, process your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, EuroBonus membership number and passport information. 

Personal Data will only be temporarily stored in the App. When you close the App your Personal Data will be deleted from the App but remain stored in our background systems (e.g. booking data will be stored in our booking system in accordance with this Privacy Policy).


Personal Data collected automatically via cookies

We use cookies on our website to improve your experience when using our website and Services and to enhance our security and Services. Personal Data that we collect through cookies (your IP-address may e.g. disclose your location) may be anonymised and used in aggregated form as a basis for improvements, statistics and analysis. 

For further information about what cookies Widerøe uses, what data we collect through cookies, your rights and other information please read our Cookie Policy.


3.3 For more information about when we delete your Personal Data, see Section 6 below.



4. Where is the personal data processed?

4.1 With a few exceptions, Wideroe will process your Personal Data within the EU/EEA.  


4.2 Wideroe may transfer to, or process your Personal Data in, third party countries outside the EU/EEA in order for us to provide you the Services. We will ensure that our third party processors have an adequate level of security with respect to the processing of Personal Data. Third party processors outside the EU/EEA will be legally bound to apply an adequate level of security with respect to the processing of your Personal Data by means of the EU-US Privacy Shield, Binding Corporate Rules or the EU Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses.

Notwithstanding the previous paragraph; Wideroe may transfer or disclose your Personal Data to (i) public authorities outside the EU/EEA if required by law or relevant authorities (e.g. if the country to which you have purchased a flight ticket requires the Personal Data to allow you to travel to or via your destination), or (ii) partners to which you have agreed to disclose your Personal Data (e.g. non-EU/EEA airlines included in the booking you have made). 


4.3. If Wideroe sells, re-organises or otherwise transfers all or part of Wideroe’s business, your Personal Data may be transferred together with the business. 



5. Who can access your personal data?

5.1. Your Personal Data may be processed by relevant authorities as well as entities within the Wideroe Group and by Wideroe’s sub-contractors and partners in order to provide you with the Services you have subscribed to, purchased from us or we otherwise have agreed to provide you with. Personal Data will only be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy, for purposes you have agreed to, or purposes that are otherwise legitimate or required under applicable law (e.g. to fulfil an agreement between you and us).


5.2. Wideroe’s sub-contractors and partners may process your Personal Data on behalf of us if and to the extent it is necessary for providing the agreed Services to you, such as managing your bookings.  



6. When are personal data deleted?

6.1. Wideroe will process your Personal Data for as long as it is necessary to provide Services to you or until you contact us to have your Personal Data deleted. Please note that Wideroe, as stated below, has the right or may be obliged to undertake certain processing activities without your consent. 


We may prolong the processing of your Personal Data under certain circumstances and on a case by case basis if we are so required by law or relevant authorities or if we have a legitimate interest to do so and is so allowed by applicable law e.g. to defend our interest should we have a dispute with you.


6.2. You have the right to request from Wideroe rectification of, access to or erasure of your Personal Data. At your request Wideroe will, free of charge, rectify or delete any incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant Personal Data.  


6.3. You may also, at any time and for any reason, revoke your consent to the processing of your Personal Data, after which your Personal Data will be deleted or made anonymous without undue delay. Furthermore, you have the right to request that Wideroe restricts the processing of your Personal Data, or object to Wideroe’s processing of your Personal Data. 


6.4. You also have the right to data portability of your Personal Data.  


6.5. Please be aware that, depending on your requests, you may thereafter not be able to fully use our Services. 


6.6. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Wideroe may have the legal right or obligation to store or otherwise process your Personal Data without your consent, for instance to be able to fulfil an agreement with you (e.g. deliver the Services you have purchased from us), or to fulfil our tax obligations.


6.7. You have the right to request to receive information annually about what Personal Data relating to you, Wideroe processes. Such request shall be made to Wideroe in writing through any of the means set forth in Section 9 below.


6.8. Instead of deleting your Personal Data we may anonymise it.  


6.9. If you have concerns relating to Wideroe’s processing of your Personal Data you are welcome to contact us through any of the means set forth in section 9 below. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority within the EU/EEA.



7. Security

7.1. Wideroe strives to maintain a high level of protection of your Personal Data and privacy by taking appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your Personal Data against unauthorised access, loss, alteration or other unauthorised processing. Wideroe continuously improves its security measures to meet the development of technology. 


7.2. All our systems use modern technology to prevent unauthorised access and other unauthorised processing. All special categories of Personal Data (e.g. information about health) that you provide us with through our electronic channels is processed via encrypted, secure transmission. 


7.3. Wideroe will enter into necessary data processing agreement with third parties that processes your Personal Data on behalf of Wideroe, in order to ensure an adequate level of security for your Personal Data. 



8. Miscellaneous

8.1. Wideroe reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. 



9. Contact us 

9.1. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or other requests, please contact us at: 


Phone number: +47 75 80 35 68

Address: Widerøe AS, ATT: Personvernombud, PB247, 8001 Bodø 


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