At the entrance of Sunnmøre’s fjords is Ålesund, with its unique architecture and history.


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Fly to Ålesund

The town reaches proudly for the coast, just like the citizens do. Ålesund has character.

Stroll through the town among the characteristic buildings. The architecture is very consistent, for historical and political reasons. After most of the town was destroyed in a fire in 1904, it was decided that it would be rebuilt in the Jugend style. Ålesund really stands out with its spires and towers and detailed ornamenting.

The view of the city from above is also iconic. You can either walk or take the city train from downtown up to the hill Aksla, where you will see the town meet the ocean and archipelago. If it’s too windy for you up there, you can seek shelter in the café in Fjellstua.

Activities in Ålesund

Ålesund is a genuine place, with amazing scenery and wonderful people. It is the fishing capital of a seafood nation, famous for its salt cod. The cod used to be dried on the rocks by the coast, and the women and children would take care to protect it from the weather while the men were at sea. Being exposed to nature gave the fish a special flavor and made it a delicacy in southern Europe.

You will also be able to meet the cod in the Atlantic Sea-Park. What is unique about this aquarium, are the pools where you can observe marine life in its natural habitat. North Sea water is pumped into the pools, and the visitor is hypnotized by schools of herring and mackerel.

Another hypnotizing experience is Trollstigen – the Trolls’ Path. It curves and bends and takes you up and down steep hills. The Geiranger fjord is also breathtaking, with the magnificent mountains towering overhead and the beautiful waterfalls all along.

  • View over Ålesund.


    Berge/Knoff/Natural Light/

    ICONIC ARCHITECTURE: The architecture of Ålesund is very special, with its spires and towers, stretching toward the North Sea.

  • Dried cod.


    Tina Stafrèn/

    SALT COD: This is a local specialty that has become a Spanish favorite. Ålesund’s salt cod is as famous as the town itself.

  • Diver feeding the fish in Atlanterhavsparken, the Ålesund aquarium.


    Arild Solberg

    ATLANTIC SEA-PARK: Cod, pollock and mackerel are just a few of the many interesting characters you will meet in the Atlantic Sea-Park in Ålesund.

  • The mountain road over Trollstigen in Rauma.


    Samuel Taipale/

    TROLLS’ PATH: Hold on tight as you traverse the windy paths of Trollstigen!

  • River rafting in Valldal.


    Valldal Naturopplevingar/

    EXPLORE: River rafting in Valldal.

  • On the top of the mountain Råna in Sunnmøre


    Håvard Myklebust/

    SKY HIGH: On the top of the mountain Råna in Sunnmøre

  •  Ferry close til the waterfalls The brides veil in the Geiranger fjord.


    Øyvind Heen/

    THE BRIDES VEIL: Ferry close til the waterfalls The brides veil in the Geiranger fjord.

  • Architecture in Brodsundet in Ålesund.


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    THE JUGEND CITY: Architecture in Brodsundet in Ålesund.

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