In the ‘capital’ of Finnmark, the midnight sun, northern lights and Finnmarksløpet await you.


Fredrik Schenholm

Fly to Alta

In Alta, you will get to know the Sami people, as well as what is perhaps the best salmon river in the world.

Adventures are lined up for you here in the largest town in Finnmark. Just outside the town center is the Alta Museum and the amazing rock carvings from the stone age. They tell ancient stories of whale fishing, reindeer and spirits. We don’t know if these people were the ancestors of the Sami people, but they seem to have had a lot in common. The carvings are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The famous Finnmarksløpet is an exciting annual event. The world’s toughest dog sled race attracts participants from all over the world – and the locals have a party!

Did you know that the husky, the dog breed that is used for sledding, tolerates temperatures as low as -75 Fahrenheit?

Activities in Alta

There are some nice day trips to be had from Alta. Kautokeino is the place to go for a Sami experience. Sit in the heat of a lavvu, preparing traditional foods over a bonfire. When darkness falls, chances are you will be able to enjoy the northern lights.

If you head east, towards the coast, you can go fishing in the fjord. If you go west, Stabbursdalen National Park is not far away, with its wild scenery and waterfalls.

Alta has a grand secret of its own: this is where you’ll find northern Europe’s largest canyon! Alta Canyon was carved out by glaciers during the ice age. At the end of the valley is a friendly river, the perfect place to go river boating – in the middle of nowhere!

  • Two men canoeing in the Alta river.



    RIVER BOATING: Alta has its own grand canyon – the largest in Northern Europe. In the valley is a friendly river, a nice place to go river boating.

  • Participants in the Finnmarksløpet dog race in winter, Alta.


    Casper Tyberg/

    FOUR-LEGGED FIREWORKS: The four-legged participants in the Finnmarksløpet dog race are quite the stars. The over 700-mile-long race starts and ends in Alta.

  • Rock carvings in Alta.



    THE FIRST CITIZENS: Over 2000 years ago, a group of hunter-gatherers arrived in Alta. Their rock carvings and other archeological remains have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • The interior of the Northern Light Cathedral.



    THE LAND OF LIGHT: Finnmark is known for its beautiful light, whether it’s the midnight sun or the northern lights. The Northern Lights Cathedral is another stunning contribution.

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