No other place offers tourists a whale sighting guarantee. Sea adventures await you in Andenes.


Asgeir Helgestad/Arctic Light AS/

Fly to Andenes

Beaches stretch for miles along the foot of the mountains. Nearby roam the toothed whale, sperm whale, minke whale, humpback whale and killer whale. The waters outside Andøya are extraordinarily diverse with species of the great mammal of the sea. This is where the continental shelf ends, and the ocean plunges into the deep. The abundance of fish, seals and krill helps the whale thrive here.

Whale safaris in this area will give you your money back if you don’t see any whales. That is saying something!

Activities in Andenes

Andøya has a lot in common with both Vesterålen and Lofoten, but it still has its own character. The open landscape stretches along the coast for over 35 miles. Here is where you can find the largest swamp areas in northern Europe – and lots of juicy cloudberries! Up to 10000 gallons of them in a season. Just nearby are green mountain sides supported by a nourishing bedrock.

Another colorful creature you may come across is the puffin. This little charmer has kind eyes and a blue and orange beak. 70,000 couples nest here every year. The kittiwake, shag, storm petrel and auk also make their appearance during spring. What a sight!

  • Midnight sun from a beach on Andøya.


    Roger Ellingsen/Statens vegvesen

    MIDNIGHT SUN ON THE BEACH: Near Bleik in Andøya, the midnight sun bathes the sandy beach in pink light.

  • Two orca whales in the sea outside Andøya.


    Asgeir Helgestad/Arctic Light AS/

    WILD WHALES: In the waters outside Andøya, various species of whales abound. You can get your money back if you don’t see any!

  • Town and lighthouse on Andøya, Vesterålen.


    Espen Mortensen/

    TOWN AND LIGHTHOUSE: Andøya is at the northern end of Vesterålen, stretching out towards the open sea. During summer, you can go to the top of the lighthouse in Andenes.

  • Breakwater with the pointy island Bleiksøya in the background, Bleik, Andøya.



    BIRDCLIFF: Breakwater with the pointy island Bleiksøya, a famous birdcliff outside Bleik, Andøya.

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