The past and the present are united here, with old fishing villages and windswept lighthouses.


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Fly to Båtsfjord

At the end of a 8 mile long fjord in Finnmark, you will find one of Norway’s oldest fishing villages. The sea is still full of fish and the industry is still thriving, with over 7000 ship arrivals every year, and seven fish processing businesses. No other place produces as much caplin roe as Båtsfjord.

You should try fishing yourself. Follow a fishing boat in the early hours of the morning. Cast your fishing line while the sea birds keep you company. Maybe you will see an old shipwreck or a friendly seal. Did you know there are 33 species of seals in the world, and seven in Norway?

Activities in Båtsfjord

There is a special atmosphere in Båtsfjord. The abandoned fishing villages in the municipality are a blast from the past. The old architecture in the middle of the Arctic landscape is a unique experience. It’s no wonder Båtsfjord is such a popular place for summer holidays!

It’s not only tourists that flock to this small town in Finnmark – so do the birds! Whether you’re an ornithologist or not, it is worth making a trip to Skarvskiten and Syltefjordstauran with binoculars and a camera. If you’re lucky, you may come across the colorful king eider.

  • King Eider (Somateria spectabilis) drake taking off from the sea in Finnmark, northern Norway.


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    AN AUDIENCE WITH A KING: If you’re lucky, you may come across the king eider. This Arctic duck thrives on the icy coast of Båtsfjord.

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