Berlevåg is full of life. Widerøe will take you to the coziness and choir music of the north.


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Fly to Berlevåg

Berlevåg is situated at the mouth of the beautiful Tanafjord. People have been living in harmony with nature here for a long, long time. The salmon, Arctic char, spawning cod and haddock have been important resources – and more recently, the juice king crab strolled across the Russian border.

This northern village is small and compact, but very charming and soulful. Strolling down the streets, don’t be surprised if you hear a beautiful bass, barytone or tenor voice. Norwegians and others know Berlevåg for its men’s choir, featured in the 2001 documentary film Cool & Crazy (Heftig og Begeistret).

Activities in Berlevåg

Berlevåg is very exposed. The moles that were built to protect the village from the waves have been swallowed by the sea several times. Modern moles are built heavier and more intricate and provide shelter for the village and its inhabitants.

Enjoy the midnight sun or northern lights in a fierce, but safe environment. Visit the Harbor Museum and learn about old fishing techniques. Or just sit in silence, listening to the put-put of the fishing boats.

Berlevåg is a small, but impressive place, and quite exotic! The protected landscape of Sandfjorden is not far away, with sand dunes and a colorful coastal flora. A steep cliff rises out of the beach. Each grain of sand on this beach is over 700 million years old!

  • Houses in Berlevåg, Finnmark.


    Berlevåg Camping

    VILLAGE LIFE: Berlevåg is a windswept, but wonderful place.

  • A group of people walking with snowshoes and sticks in the snowy landscape of Berlevåg.


    Berlevåg Camping

    SNOWSHOE HIKING: Not everyone was born with skis on their feet. Why not try snowshoes instead? Go for a hike across the snow towards the coast. Be careful of the wind, it can be fierce!

  • Kjølnes Lighthouse in the northern lights, Finnmark.


    Arnt Erik Hansen

    NORTHERN LIGHTHOUSE: Darkness has settled here by the Kjølnes Lighthouse, but you can still see northern lights and Widerøe flights.

  • The moles protecting Berlevåg at sunset.


    Harald Richardsen

    BERLEVÅG’S BODY GUARD: The moles protecting Berlevåg have been destroyed by the waves several times. The modern moles have been built much heavier and will hopefully do the job.

  • Two puffins up close.


    Roy Mangersnes/

    PUFFINS: It can be rewarding observe the fjords, sea and harbour area of Berlevåg. Kjølnes lighthouse is also one of the best places to see seabirds in Finnmark.

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