In Brønnøysund, you can use your legs; whether you wear bike shoes, mountain boots or roller skates.


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Fly to Brønnøysund

Helgeland is like Lofoten’s little sister. Siblings can often be very different. Lofoten has sharp peaks and stark contrasts. Helgeland has an open, wide and fairly flat landscape.

This makes the Helgeland coast a paradise for cyclists, with its gorgeous National Tourist Routes. Pedal through landscapes reminiscent of the French riviera. Meet wild sheep, beaches and lagoons along the way.

From Brønnøysund, it will take you about two hours by bicycle to reach Torghatten. This famous mountain with a distinct hole through it has a legend attached to it, involving trolls, an arrow and a hat. From a distance, the hole may look small – but it is in fact 115 feet tall! And the view from up there is just spectacular.

Activities in Brønnøysund

The coastal town of Brønnøysund is just south of the Arctic Circle. The scenery of the Helgeland coast is extraordinary. The earth’s crust stretches along the coast, and tens of thousands of islands, islets and reefs have poked up. It is the perfect place to paddle or go island hopping!  

The unusual geology has also caused bright white sandy beaches. Enjoy a long, light summer day in the sand. With a fishing line and a bonfire, you can really enjoy life here.

The wonderful Vega Archipelago is also easily accessible from Brønnøysund. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a unique ensemble of islanders and eiders. Locals have been creating nests for these friendly birds for over 1500 years, and when it flies south for the winter, they harvest their down.

Hildur’s Urterarium is worth a visit on the way. Stroll through the lively herb garden and taste high-quality local foods.

  • Small farm close to the mountain Torghatten, Brønnøysund.


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    UNDER THE HAT: Torghatten is one of the most visited mountains in Brønnøysund and all of the Helgeland coast. The hike up to the hole only takes about an hour.

  • Colorful houses in the small town of Brønnøy at winter..


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    CHARMING TOWN: Brønnøy is a charming small town on the Helgeland coast, with lots of colorful houses.

  • Helgeland coast islands seen from a mountain top.


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    ISLAND KINGDOM: If you climb a hill, you will have an amazing view of the thousands of islands, islets and reefs scattered around the Helgeland coast.

  • A couple on a biketrip relaxing by the shore, Brønnøysund.


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    CYCLING JOY: Brønnøysund is part of the popular cycling route along the Helgeland coast. You get to set the pace for yourself and stop wherever you like.

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