Florø stretches out towards the sea. Enjoy the coastal culture, island hopping and fishing.


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Fly to Florø

Nature and industry coexist here. The fjord and the coast. The people and the wildlife. The municipality of Flora is very diverse. Wooden houses welcome you one minute, and the western landscape calls to you the next.

The proximity to nature gives plenty of opportunities for adventures: exploring the waters in a kayak, or donning your mountain boots and climbing Hornelen. At 2820 feet, this is the tallest sea cliff in Europe, and it can be quite a challenge. Be sure to bring a friend if you decide to take it on.

If you want an easier terrain, you can walk in the footsteps of the Vikings along the North Sea Trail in Eivindvik. This is part of a collection of 26 walking paths in Scandinavia, the UK and the Netherlands. Did you know the trail is over 3000 miles long in total? Off you go – we are sure you will enjoy the walk.

Activities in Florø

What’s nice about Florø is the peace and calm. There are several nice alleys with cafés where you can spend hours reading a book or observing everyday life.

The summer months offer mackerel, and lots of it! The herring, salmon, cod and pollock also thrive in this area. Ask the local fishermen where the best fishing spots are.

Go for a boat ride along the coast, riding the waves and enjoying the breeze. See the purple heaths from the skerries. The Coastal Museum will tell you all about the history of the area, from the ship building industry to fish farming and tourism.

  • Kvanhovden Lighthouse.


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    ALONG THE COAST: From near Florø, you can follow the North Sea Route to Kvanhovden Lighthouse, where you can also spend the night.

  • Kayaking in the fjord, Solund, Sogn og Fjordane.


    Sverre Hjornevik

    THE SEA ROUTE: Florø stretches out towards the mouth of the fjord. You can explore islets and reefs from a kayak if you like.

  • The top of the mountain Hornelen, by Bremanger, Sogn og Fjordane.


    Sverre Hjornevik

    STEEP CLIFF: The path up to Hornelen (2,820 feet) is very steep. If you manage the climb, you will reach the top of Europe’s highest sea cliff.

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