Førde is the cultural center of Sogn og Fjordane. The waters offer wet and wild adventures!


Mattias Fredriksson/Fjord Norway

Fly to Førde

Glassy waters and bewitching landscapes. A rowboat resting by the shore, a boathouse and a Midsummer’s Eve bonfire. We are in the world of Nikolai Astrup’s imagination. Fjords and mountains, folk culture and fairy tales. When darkness falls, you may come across a troll!

While you’re in Førde, we recommend a day trip to Jølster and Astruptunet (Astrup farm). Here, you can get to know the painter whose works made this area known all over the world.

For some excitement, river rafting is a popular activity here. Førde is at the very end of the Førde fjord, where the waters are wild. Don a wetsuit, helmet and life jacket, and you can get very familiar with the violent forces of the glaciers and melted snow from the mountains under your boat.

The rolling mountain formations are perfect for alpine skiing. If you prefer cross-country, there are long stretches with great conditions during winter.

Activities in Førde

Sogn og Fjordane has a tradition of mountain pasture farming during the warm summers. Goats, cattle, milkmaids and children would spend the whole summer on the mountain farm. If you visit the regional museums in Førde, they will take you back in time. Stroll among farm houses from the 16th and 19th century, and learn about the old way of life. Say hello to the goats and enjoy a piece of campfire bread.

Huldefossen waterfall is another natural sight worth seeing, with its white waters cascading down the mountain. People say this is one of the most photographed waterfalls in the fjord areas. There are also plenty of great fishing opportunities in the fjords, rivers and lakes, both for the amateur and the professional fisherman.

  • A group of people rafting down the Jølstra in a rubber boat.


    Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/

    RIVER RAFTING: Flying down the Jølstra in a rubber boat is a wet, wild and wonderful experience!

  • A goat bye the seashore in Førdefjorden.


    Sverre Hjørnevik/

    NIKOLAI ASTRUP: It is easy to see where the great artist from Sogn, Nikolai Astrup, found his inspiration. You can visit his home in Jølster, just north of Førde.

  • A woman and a man fishing on a dock in Førdefjorden.


    Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/

    THE FØRDE FJORD: Go fishing in the glassy Førde Fjord, or just sit back and enjoy the sun.

  • Huldefossen waterfall in summer, Førde.


    Cole Rise/Matador Network/

    WATERFALL: Huldefossen waterfall, with a 90 meter long fall, is located about 6,2 miles from Førde.

  • Two hikers enjoying the view of Briksdalsbreen glacier.


    Mattias Fredriksson/Fjord Norway

    GLACIER: Go see one of the many glaciers of Fjord Norway. This one is located north east of Førde named Briksdalsbreen.

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