Harstad and Narvik offer wilderness, cruises on the fjord, snowshoe hikes and Arctic town life.


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Fly to Harstad/Narvik

Harstad and Narvik offer plenty of adventures. North of the Arctic circle, the summer nights are like endless days, and the winter nights are painted in the mystical colors of the northern lights.

Narvik, in Nordland county, is famous for the Ofoten line, a railway linethat transports iron ore to the area from Kiruna in Sweden. You can hike a trail along the railway line, from the mountain to the fjord.

Harstad is the second-largest town in Troms county, and is known as the ‘pearl of Vågsfjorden’. The town is full of life, with shops and the water park Grottebadet. The town also provides access to nature. Folkeparken has beautiful trails for hiking or skiing, and it manages to get the locals out of their homes all year round.

Activities in Harstad/Narvik

These two cities are great places to seek the northern lights. If you go on a guided hike way up into the mountains, you will get closer to the aurora borealis. You can spend the night in a lavvu and become one with the northern outdoors. Or you could go on a fjord cruise and see the cities and the scenery from out in the waters.

Narviksfjellet is a more central mountain, and barely over 2000 feet above sea level. You can take the gondola lift or the ski lift. One of Norway’s most urban ski resorts is right here, as well as a panoramic view of the Ofotfjord and the magnificent mountainous landscape of Nordland.

Harstad is where the Arctic Arts Festival takes place. This festival aims to be at the forefront in the world when it comes to showcasing northern arts and culture. It is an unforgettable experience!

  • The town and harbour of Harstad on a summer day.


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    ARTS AND FESTIVITIES: Harstad is where the Arctic Arts Festival takes place. They say it is an unforgettable experience!

  • Gondola lifts on Narvikfjellet, Narvik.



    GONDOLA LIFT: A panoramic view unlike any other awaits you at the top of the Narvikfjellet mountain. You can take the gondola lift up there and see for yourself!

  • Small boat house on the coast with view of the midnight sun, Harstad.


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    THE LAND OF LIGHTS: North of the Arctic Circle, the light never goes away – it just changes shapes and colors throughout the year.

  • Kayaking in Efjorden, Ofotfjorden, Ballangen municipality.


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    KAYAKING: Summer in Efjorden, Tysfjord, Ofoten.

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