In Hasvik, on the island of Sørøya in Finnmark, you have a good chance of catching a giant cod!


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Fly to Hasvik

In the friendly municipality of Hasvik, the pace is slow and comfortable. Here, you have everything you need: a sea full of fish, a mountain full of grouse and an incredible beach.

Sandvika beach is over 1100 feet long. If the weather allows, challenge yourself and jump in the water! Or if you would prefer to stay clothed and dry, walk among the sand dunes and coastal flora. It’s quite lovely.

There used to be a lot of life here: fishing, trading and farming. Maybe you’ll come across some intriguing traces of the old life as you explore.

Activities in Hasvik

Sørøya is the green island of Finnmark. The vivid color of the grass and vegetation is due to the fertile bedrock in the mountains. It reminds us of the moors of the Scottish Highlands!

Put on your mountain boots and hike up the Tarhalsen trail to the lighthouse on the northern side of the island. The path is windy and steep, so hold on tight! At the top, an incredible coastal sight and a spectacular 360-degree view await you. The scenery of Tarhalsen was what made the channel TV2 name Hasvik/Sørøya the most beautiful place in Finnmark in 2012.

But you don’t have to go up high to have a memorable experience. You could go fishing in an authentic northern fishing boat – rumor has it that this is one the cod’s favorite places in the world.

  • Woman picking berries in Hasvik, Finnmark


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    SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS?: Bright green and wind-swept hills. You’re not in Scotland, you’re in Sørøya.

  • Man with dog in Sørøya, Hasvik, Finnmark.


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    FINNMARK’S PRIDE AND JOY: Sørøya/Hasvik was named the most beautiful place in Finnmark – and we can see why.

  • Northern lights in Hasvik, Finnmark.


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    A SLOW PACE: In Hasvik, they keep a slow and comfortable pace. They know that the best way to live is close to nature. If you go hiking or fishing here, you will see what they mean.

  •  Fishing boat at the dock, Hasvik, Finnmark.


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    FISHING VILLAGE: Fishing boat by the dock, Hasvik, Finnmark.

  • Old house in the windy winter lanscape, Hasvik, Finnmark.


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    WINTER BREEZE: House in frosty winter breeze at sunset.

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