Haugesund welcomes you to the friendly coast with its western warmth.


Scott Sporleder/FjordNorge

Fly to Haugesund

The coast of Western Norway is full of islands, islets and seagulls. Just off the coast is the North Sea, where fisherman have made their living for centuries. The cod, pollock and mackerel occupy this area, but most importantly: the herring, which was Haugesund’s most important resource for a long time.

The herring disappeared after a while, but the people stayed. Today, the town is known for its shipping and ship building industries.

But it is also known for the annual jazz festival Sildajazz. This is a very festive occasion for the westerners! The town fills up with blue notes and a beautiful atmosphere.

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe had roots here in Haugesund? There is a statue of her downtown. The town is proud to have bred such a beauty.

Activities in Haugesund

Haugesund is also a city of film. The annual international film festival held in this town is one of the most important and prestigious arenas for the Nordic film industry.

About 11 miles west of Haugesund, in the middle of the North Sea, is Utsira. This island has just over 200 inhabitants and is the second-smallest municipality in Norway. It is famous for its unique agricultural landscape, where sheep have grazed for centuries. It is also an excellent bird watching site. You may come across an olive-backed pipit, yellow-browed warbler, rose finch or rusting bunting – all interesting characters!

  • Small boats in the harbour of Haugesund.


    Sverre G. Hauge

    HAUGESUND HARBOR: Whether is it festival season or just a nice sunny day, people are always arriving Haugesund in small boats.

  • Boats and docks on the remote island of Utsira


    Utsira kommune/

    A COASTAL PEARL: Utsira is a remote island, 11 miles from the mainland. Experience coastal life at its most authentic, with grazing sheep and flocks of colorful birds.

  • A group of people on a RIB boat outside Haugesund.


    Ole Andreas Haddeland/

    WATER AND WAVES: Ride the waves in a RIB boat, staying warm in your survival suit as the sea sprays your face.

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