This summer paradise offers picturesque skerries, southern smiles and pirates!


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Fly to Kristiansand

The southern paradise of Kristiansand awaits you. This friendly city with white wooden houses is the perfect place for a summer holiday. Go sailing in the skerries with a cooler full of nice foods, and sit on a rock and enjoy life. If you'r up for more luxury, vistit the world's largest underwater resturant.

The capital of Southern Norway is also known to be very friendly to children. In the Zoo and Amusement Park, you will meet lions, tigers, monkeys and camels. Watch the feeding of the cheeta and the orangutan. Get to know the citizens of the Hucky Bucky Forest and Cardamom Town. Have a swim in the water park, and then say hello to the pirates in Kjuttaviga. Hopefully you won’t have to walk the plank!

Lindesnes Lighthouse is at the southernmost tip of Norway – or is it? Skjernøy in Mandal has claimed to be a competitor. But Lindesnes seems to have won the title.

Activities in Kristiansand

Southern life is a breeze. Stroll down the street and say hello to the smiling and sociable southerners.

Even their dialect is delightful! Music, arts and culture thrive here, and Kilden Concert Hall has brought even more of those things to the city. This wavy, modernist building was designed by Finnish and Norwegian architects.

Golf is a nice way to enjoy the peaceful southern environment. So is activities like river rafting, kayak, canoes, rock climbing, sea- or river fishing or to join an elk safari.

The annual Palmesus Festival turns Kristiansand into a huge beach party. It may be the only festival here in Norway where you can enjoy the music with sand between your toes!

  • The entrance to Kardemomme city in Kristiansand Zoo.


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    FAMILY ACTIVITIES: At the Kristiansand Zoo, you will meet not only penguins and sea lions, but lots of other creatures – including the different characters of Cardamom Town.

  • Sail boat, docks and houses on Lyngør, Kristiansand.


    Matti Bernitz/

    LYNGØR: White houses and a sailboat on the water by Lyngør, Tvedestrand, Sørlandet.

  • People in a RIB rubber boat on the sea outside Lyngør, Kristiansand.


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    FAST FORWARD: If you like speed, RIB sightseeing on the coast of Southern Norway is a possibility.

  • Houses, boats and ocean in the arcipelago in Skottevik, Sørlandet.


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    SUMMER IN THE SKERRIES: Southern Norway is famous for its warm summer days and lively skerries. Nothing gets Norwegians in the summer mood faster than peeling shrimp by the shore.

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