The city of salt cod is also the home of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean Road.


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Fly to Kristiansund

Kristiansund is an exotic place. The city is seething with diverse impulses after centuries of people visiting from southern Europe, Asia and South America to experience the savory salted cod. Today, the city is probably best known for its raw nature and a sea full of herring and whales.

Kristiansund is situated near many of the country’s most important tourist attractions. The Atlantic Ocean Road (Atlanterhavsvegen) is the longest and most accessible attraction, part of the famously scenic National Tourist Routes. Eight bridges connect islands and islets. It’s almost like flying across the landscape!  

If you go south, you will reach Molde, Trollveggen, Trollstigen and Geiranger.

Activities in Kristiansund

Kristiansund is characterized by urban life and coastal life. The restaurant Sjøstjerna serves the best salt cod. Red or white bacalao with lots of garlic – it’s a meal to remember!

The combination of the coastal climate and smooth cliffs made this city an ideal place to dry and salt the cod. Did you know this traditional method of drying would take at least 4-6 weeks? Today, the cod is usually dried indoors in heated rooms. You can learn more about the local delicacy at the Norwegian Clipfish Museum.

But the cod isn’t the only marine creature you can get to know here. The killer whale also comes to Nordmøre every year, right behind the herring and the spawning cod. Take a boat out and see if you can find one.

Or you can spend your time exploring the four ‘lands’. Kristiansund is comprised of four main islands: Kirkelandet, Nordlandet, Gomalandet and Innlandet. The latter is the smallest, and home to the extra exotic Tahiti Festival.

  • The Atlantic Ocean Road stretches over eight bridges and eight kilometers.


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    THE ROAD TO HEAVEN: The Atlantic Ocean Road stretches over eight bridges and eight kilometers. You may feel like you’re closer to the sea than the land!

  • Docks and boats on an island in Kristiansund.



    SEA AND CITY LIFE: Kristiansund is famous for its salted cod, traditionally dried on the smooth coastal cliffs. This delicacy is the pride of the city.

  • The old fishing village of Grip, northwest of Kristiansund.


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    SEIZE THE DAY: About seven miles northwest of Kristiansund, out in the ocean, is the old fishing village of Grip. Boats arrive here every day during summer.

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