Lakselv is the center of salmon fishing in Finnmark, and a paradise for the outdoorsy visitor.


Gry Ingebretsen/Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum

Fly to Lakselv

Wild plains, magical landscapes and the long Porsangerfjord are waiting for you to discover them. Lakselv is in a unique location with the fjord on one side and Stabbursdalen National Park on the other.

Lakselv is the fourth largest trading village in Finnmark. People come here seeking the great outdoors, the northern lights and midnight sun, or one of the largest music festivals in Northern Norway: Midnattsrocken (the Midnight Rock Festival).

Did you know that Porsanger is the only trilingual municipality in Norway? Norwegian, Sami and Kven are official languages here.

Activities in Lakselv

When your flight lands in Lakselv, you will immediately be met by the smell of the sea and a sense of adventure. This village is famous for its rivers full of salmon, and people come here from all over the world to try their luck at fishing.

Catching a full-grown salmon is quite a sport, and a test of your strength and stamina. But it is also a rush! They say the largest fish caught to date was 55 pounds – can you beat that?

Here is also where you will find the world’s northernmost pine forest, high mountains and the impressive Silfar Canyon. People used to think the round dolomites that are scattered along the coast were trolls – which is understandable! Today, people call this area ‘the Crete of the Arctic’.

  • Man holding a small fish.


    Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/

    GO FISH: Can you feel the anticipation? Lakselv has some of the best salmon rivers in Norway. You can also find fresh water fish up in the mountains.

  • A person walking amongst the landscape formations called dolomites in Trollholmsund, Stabbursnes, Finnmark.


    Gry Ingebretsen/Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum

    CRETE OF THE ARCTIC: These strange formations are dolomites. People used to think they were trolls that had turned into stone. Today, this area is known to some as ‘the Crete of the Arctic’.

  • Outdoor concert stage and crowd, Lakselv.


    ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT: The sun stays up all night – but so do lots of music fans!

  • Concert stage view of the midnight sun, Lakselv.


    MIDNATTSROCKEN: The world’s northernmost music festival attracts musicians from all over the world, lit up by the midnight sun.

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