In the middle of Lofoten is Leknes, surrounded by mountains and ocean. Widerøe will fly you there!


Trym Ivar Bergsmo/Widerø

Fly to Leknes

The winds whisper: You are in Lofoten now, in the middle of nature. Beaches and ocean waves, and birds flying over your head. Mountains and hills, midnight sun and northern lights.

Leknes is situated on one of the largest islands in Lofoten, Vestvågøy. It is a perfect place to start your adventure, and to experience the fishing season, sleep in a fisherman’s shack and go hiking.

The environment of Lofoten is so inviting that the Vikings settled down here over a thousand years ago. Did you know that the largest Viking banqueting hall in the Nordics was found here? You can see a reconstruction of it at the Lofotr Viking Museum not far from Leknes.

Activities in Leknes

Around Leknes and Vestvågøy, you will find thousands of islands and mountains. This brings endless possibilities, and you can create your own unique experience of Lofoten. You can go kayaking along the steep mountain sides. You can test your limits climbing a wall. Or you can lie in the grass, listening to the sounds of birds and waves.

Don’t forget to take the time to eat! Himmel & Havn in the village of Ballstad is a very charming café and restaurant. Here, you will find local food such as bacalao, lamb and cod, as well as delicious cakes, lemonade and coffee.

If you visit Lofoten when the cod is spawning, you should go for a walk among the fish flakes to see thousands of fish being dried. You might not enjoy the smell – but just wait until you taste the delicacy at a restaurant!

  • Selling dried fish in Leknes


    Trym Ivar Bergsmo/Widerø

    STOCKFISH: The local dried cod is very popular, and is made in enormous quantities.

  • Beautiful sandy beach in Utakleiv, Leknes.


    Trym Ivar Bergsmo/Widerø

    SURFING: Unstad is situated on the northern part of Vestvågøy, and is famous for its great surfing conditions and an excellent camping site. They make the best cinnamon rolls there!

  • Sunny landscape with the ocean in Leknes


    Trym Ivar Bergsmo/Widerøe

    MIDNIGHT SUN: A warm light fills the horizon in Lofoten. Moments like this have to be enjoyed.

  • Fisherman in Lofoten with big cod


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    FISH: Cod from Lofoten is well known! The ocean is filled with huge fish, delicious to eat.

  • Kayaking in Lofoten


    NATURE: You can rent cayaks and just float around in the spectacular nature in Lofoten.

  • Surfer surfing on waves.


    SURFERS PARADISE: Lofoten is known around the world for its fantastic beaches for surfers.

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