Mehamn greets you with its red boathouses and fishing history at the mouth of the fjord.



Fly to Mehamn

The houses in Mehamn are red, yellow, blue, white and green. This small village on the Nordkinn Peninsula in Finnmark looks a bit like Greenland!

The waves are crashing onto the shore as fishermen bring in the fruits of their labor. If you look up, you will see a sky full of seagulls and other sea birds. On the horizon, the ocean awaits you. You could go on a king crab safari or go fishing or diving. There is a lot to explore!

On land, you can get to know the Sami people. Stay in a lavvu and prepare a reindeer dinner over a bonfire, under the midnight sun or during a dark polar night. Just remember to dress warm! Did you know a reindeer hide can keep you warm down to -75 degrees Fahrenheit? The Sami people wear them when it gets cold, and so should you.

Activities in Mehamn

Being so close to the mysterious ocean, the lighthouses have been invaluable to the people of the coast, especially here in the north. Slettnes Lighthouse is the northernmost lighthouse on the European mainland and a popular tourist attraction. You can even spend the night here, or maybe just have a cup of coffee at the ‘top of Europe’.

A good way to get to Slettnes Lighthouse is by bicycle. Rent one at the Red Tree Guesthouse, and you’re only about a mile and a half away. The view of the stony Finnmark plateau is worth taking in, so remember to look around. On your way, you will see the charming fishing village of Gamvik, and lots of reindeer!

If you’re the adventurous type, head towards Cape Nordkinn. This is the northernmost point of the European mainland. If you go there via the mainland, be careful; the terrain can be quite challenging – just ask Nansen! The water way is safer and more comfortable, and there are convenient guided boat tours that can take you there.

Finnkirka (the ‘Finn Church’) is another fascinating attraction. This cliff at the end of the Kjøllefjord offers trekking opportunities and gorgeous scenery.


  • Sami lavvu and two people keeping warm on the mountain plateau of Finnmark.



    SAPMI: Stay in a lavvu, far from the city lights, with only the light of the moon and a bonfire. Get to know the Sami people and their culture.

  • ‘Finn Church’ mountain of Kjøllefjord.


    Nordkyn Hotel/

    SACRED MOUNTAIN: At the end of the Kjøllefjord is the proud, steadfast ‘Finn Church’. It’s a religious experience!

  • Seagulls by the harbour of Kjøllefjord, Finnmark.


    Nina Smedseng/

    GULLS: Seagulls by the harbour of Kjøllefjord, Finnmark.

  • Docks in Lebesby, Mehamn, Finnmark.


    Nina Smedseng/

    SUN AND DOCKS: Adventure Camp Mehamn.

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