At the end of the Vefsnfjord, the altitude differences are greater than you think.


Lars Erik Martinsen/Helgeland Reiseliv

Fly to Mosjøen

The longest wooden house development in northern Norway appears like colorful blocks along the street Sjøgata in Mosjøen. Some of the houses are from the 1800s, and they create a charming image of the town.

Here, you can stroll around care-free and enjoy the town and its surroundings. Stop by a cozy café, chat with the locals, or just find a bench to sit in silence and listen to northern Norway.

From Mosjøen, the Helgeland coast is not far away. It is an island hopper’s paradise with its 10,000 islands, islets and reefs.

Activities in Mosjøen

This flat town in the center of Norway is full of surprises. In the east, the mountain Øyfjellet towers over the ocean with its over 2,500 feet and a little secret: the sun is swallowed by the mountain in the evening, and then reappears for another sunset! There is also a limestone cave in the mountain that you can explore.

If you want excitement and a sense of accomplishment, Mosjøen Via Ferrata is just the thing. Via Ferrata is Italian and means iron path. The one on Øyfjellet has been created with very few interventions. You can climb the mountain iron step by iron step. It may sound nerve-wracking – and it is! Fortunately, you will be safely belayed for every step.

Ready to go fishing? The two rivers of this town, Vesna and Skjervo, are among the best places to go fishing for sea trout. If you’re lucky, you’ll even find wild salmon!


  • Five climbers on Øyfjellet.


    Cato Ravantsbakk

    VIA FERRATA: If you want to test your own courage, Mosjøen Via Ferrata is just the thing. Iron step by iron step, you climb the mountain Øyfjellet. Goosebumps guaranteed! You will also have an amazing view of the town from up there.

  • Historic interior from the Hotel Fru Haugans in Mosjøen.


    HISTORIC: For over 100 years, Fru Haugans Hotel has hosted tourists in Mosjøen. Time has almost stood still in certain parts of the hotel.

  • Wooden houses in Mosjøen.


    WOODEN HOUSES: Mosjøen is home to Northern Norway’s longest wooden house development. The colorful houses fill Sjøgata.

  • Sjøgata docks, Mosjøen.


    Bjørnar Pettersen

    DOCKS: The bright coloured docks of Sjøgata, Mosjøen.

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