Welcome to Namsos, the city of friendly Trønders, moose in the sunset and rock and roll.


Fly to Namsos

Namsos is the town of rock and roll, where everyone seems to wear a leather jacket and carry a plectrum. But don’t worry – the town’s rockers are friendly! Have a chat with them, and you will see what we mean.

The town is at the end of the Namsenfjord, at the mouth of the river Namsen. The latter is a great place for fishing, where you could find wild salmon and trout. The fjord is full of life as well: wolf fish, angler fish, cod and pollock.

The cozy café Ullvaren is another place you can find delicious local foods. This used to be a woolen mill, and today it houses antiques, good food and friendly Trønders. Everything in Namsos is within walking distance, so why not stop by the Namdal Museum, the Sawmill Museum and the Nord-Trøndelag Art Museum?

Namsos used to have eleven sawmills – so if you see a wooden house in this region, the chances are the lumber is from here.

Activities in Namsos

Namsos is also a forest town. With the river Namsen winding through the inland, this used to be a top place for the lumber industry. The moose likes it here too. Maybe you’ll meet the king of the forest while you’re here?

If you come here during the summer, you have to wander the old market NamsosMartnan. Then you can hike up the town mountain Klompen, without even changing your shoes. It will only take you about 20 minutes, and the view of the Namsenfjord is spectacular.

Out on the ocean, you can find Rørvik and the protected fishing village of Sør-Gjæslingan. This used to be Norway’s largest fishing village south of Lofoten. Today, it is still a lovely place to visit with its 6000 picturesque islands, islets and reefs.

  • Hiker beside a bonfire and a tent at night time, Lierne, Namdalen.



    SKIING IN LIERNE: In Namdalen, you can go on adventures that last for days – whether on skis or on foot.

  • Moose greeting a few children in Namsskogan amusement park-


    Robert Selfors/

    THE KING OF THE FOREST: Namsos is a forest town, and the moose thrives here. You may also come across it in the Namsskogan amusement park.

  • Man hiking in Børgefjell national park.



    SNOWSHOES ON THE TOP: Børgefjell National Park is straddling the border between Trøndelag and Nordland county. The park offers a variety of landscapes – from fertile mountain slopes to dramatic peaks!

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