Widerøe will take you to Sunnmøre, where linguistic, musical and outdoor experiences await you.


Kristin Støylen/Destination Ålesund & Sunnmøre

Fly to Ørsta and Volda

The landscape of Ørsta and Volda is rich and diverse. Mountain, fjord and coast adventures await you, whatever the season.

You find yourself in the home of the Nynorsk language. This is where the famous Ivar Aasen was born in 1813, who would assemble Norwegian dialect features and create a written language for ‘the people’ as an alternative to Danish. He is celebrated every year at a festival called Dei Nynorske Festspela. Literature, poetry, music and education meet at the Ivar Aasen Center.

Volda is also a university-college town. The sharpest students are probably found in the journalism classes. Students also organize a documentary film festival every spring, the oldest of its kind. 50 to 60 films are shown there every year.

Ørsta is an industrial municipality, with various mechanical and technical industries as important contributions. Lots of salmon and cod are fished here as well. But did you know that some of Norway’s most famous furniture is made by Fora Form here in Ørsta?

Activities in Ørsta and Volda

Sunnmøre is a place that attracts active visitors from all over the world. Many seek a vertical adventure in one of the many mountains surrounding the towns. Some of the most famous mountains are Kolåstinden, Horningdalsrokken, Skårasalen, Råna and Slogen.

The mountains also make a good place to go downhill skiing during winter. You could visit Volda Ski Center or go off on your own. Either way, we’re sure you’ll have a great time!

There are plenty of adventures by the coast as well. If you head west through the Eiksund tunnel, the world’s deepest tunnel, you will reach the villages of Ulsteinvik and Flø. They are known for their dramatic landscape, long beaches and great surfing opportunities.

Don’t forget about the island Runde, and Runde Lighthouse! A windy road will take you almost there – then you have to walk the rest. But it is so worth it! A charming lighthouse community awaits you. You can even spend the night here.

  • The Sunnmøre Alps tower over the Hjørund fjord.


    Håvard Myklebust/

    FJORD AND MOUNTAIN: The majestic Sunnmøre Alps tower over the Hjørund fjord.

  • Kevin Landry riding a bike near Stranda, Sunnmøre, Norway.


    CYCLING: Offroad and mountain cycling have become very popular, and Sunnmøre is the perfect place for these activities.

  • Ship in Sunnmøre.


    The Bunch/

    BOATING: The many arms of the fjords in Sunnmøre are a unique sight. Admire snow-covered peaks from a boat gliding along the water.

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