In Røros, the past is united with the present. Specialty foods and beautiful scenery await you.


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Fly to Røros

2000 feet over sea level, with a dry inland climate, Røros can be an icy place. It has the coldest temperature ever recorded in Norway: -58.5 °F. So the locals need to know how to stay warm. A colorful blanket from Røros Tweed may do the trick, or you could sit by a bonfire during the blue hour.

Røros will stimulate all your senses. Have a taste, fill your lungs with fresh air, feel the frost on your cheeks and enjoy the changing seasons here in the mountain town.

Activities in Røros

Some people say the soul of the town is deep in the mountains, where the copper ore lay in thick layers, where men worked for 300 years mining it. A guided tour will take you deep into Bergmannshallen – and take your breath away.

Another subterranean adventure can be found at Røros Bath and Spa. 80% of the building is under ground level. Enjoy the fresh air and the view of an old wooden church from the outdoor pool. 

There are also activities to keep you warm. How about dog sledding with seven Siberian huskies, or a sleigh ride among the old wooden buildings, wrapped up in a reindeer hide? Or you could visit the Christmas market in December and find local gems.

If you prefer the warmer season, you should come and see the historical reenactment Elden, which is performed every summer.

  • Local food in Skottgården near Røros.


    Marius Rua/

    WORLD HERITAGE FOODS: Røros is incredibly diverse in flavors. Don’t miss out on the various specialties, such as the pastry ‘lefse’ and butter, sausages, salted hams and dairy products from Rørosmeieriet.

  • Couple in the snowy streets of Røros.


    Thomas Rasmus Skaug/

    BLUE HOUR SLEIGH RIDE: During the winter, the snow covers Røros like a blanket. Go on an invigorating sleigh ride through the town during the winter market Rørosmartnan.

  • Christmas decorated street in Røros with busy shoppers.


    Thomas Rasmus Juell Skaug/

    CHRISTMAS IN RØROS: Røros is the perfect place to get into the ‘Christmas spirit’. You can do your Christmas shopping while strolling along the colorful wooden houses.

  • Dog sledding in the snow.


    Arne Tønset/

    EXPERIENCE: Dog sledding in the snow. Dogsledding tours gives you the opportunity to experience the beautiful landscape of the Røros wilderness.

  • Old buildings in Røros with the famous church tower in the background.


    Finn Nilsen/

    HISTORIC BUILDINGS: Old buildings in the UNESCO world heritage town of Røros. The famous church tower in the background.

  • People and horses on the famous fair Rørosmartnan.


    Ketil Plassgård/

    FAIR: People and horses on the famous fair Rørosmartnan. The fair is a yearly event held in the month of February.

  • Horse and sled in silhouette with the church of Røros behind.


    Morten Brun/Røros Hotell/

    DARK SHAPES: Horse and sled in silhouette with the church of Røros behind.

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