Widerøe will fly you straight to the mouth of the fjord. Seabirds, fishing and adventures await you.


Anders Rolandsen

Fly to Røst

They say there are as many islands in Røst as there are days in the year. In this small island municipality, you will experience incredible contrasts. The ocean waves can crash onto land in one moment, and the sun can come out from behind a cloud in the next. Heavy rain clouds can turn into warm and welcoming weather.

You may even hear the hum of fishing boats on their way in to land after fishing for spawning cod. This fish is incredibly valuable to the community, and over 90% of the dried cod is exported to Italy, where they call it stoccafisso.

Activities in Røst

Along with the fish come the migrating birds. Røst is home to the country’s largest seabird colony, that attracts bird watchers from all over the world with its over 4 million birds. The cormorant, puffin, kittiwake, auk and guillemot fight over the territory of the steep mountain sides, and spend the summer hunting for herring and other small fish.

The best way to see the bird mountain is in a RIB boat. Put on some warm and windproof clothes, and ride over the ocean. You will see the characteristic mountains of Røst rise out of the ocean.

These mountain peaks saved Pietro Querini, a captain from Venice, when he was shipwrecked in Lofoten in 1432. The people of Røst helped Querini and his crew get to land and provided food and shelter for them. The story of these two cultures meeting was the basis of the opera Querini, which has international acclaim and is shown every other year.

Financial times wrote about the opera that it was "the most moving work of music theatre ever to be written about dried fish."

  • View over Røst in Lofoten


    Anders Rolandsen

    A KINGDOM OF ISLANDS: They say there are as many islands in Røst as there are days in the year. Flying over the island kingdom with Widerøe is an unforgettable experience.

  • The Querini Opera in Røst in 2012


    Rune Ellingsen

    OPERA: Enjoy the opera performance about Pietro Querini from Venice, who was shipwrecked in 1432 and survived by the help of the people in Røst.

  • Landscape in Røst with ocean and sun


    Anders Rolandsen

    MAGIC VIEW: Røst, the ocean and the sky – if you catch it at the right moment, it's magic!

  • Røst in Lofoten


    Kjell Ove Storvik

    SMALL COMMUNITY: Approximately 600 people live on the islands of Røst.

  • Fishing boat in Lofoten.



    FISHING BOATS: Fishing boats are essential here, as people have been fishermen for centuries.

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