The whaling city of Sandefjord awaits you, with its skerries and smooth slopes.


Fly to Sandefjord

Hills rolling out into the ocean. A smooth coastal landscape along the Oslo fjord, that the ice age left behind.

In Sandefjord, you can see the natural formations from the perspective of the sea. Sail along the fjord and find a secluded bay, have a nice lunch and relax. What could be better? When back on land, you could have a swing at a game of golf, before you sail on and explore the area further.

Did you know the full-rigged ship Christian Radich was built in Sandefjord in 1937? It was long used for training sailors, and now it sails all over the world carrying adventurous passengers or participating in races.

Activities in Sandefjord

Feel the wind in your hair in the climbing park Høyt & Lavt in Tjøme. Here you will find a Via Ferrata (climbing trail) and an exhilarating zipline. The view of Tjøme and the archipelago will make you feel like you’re on top of the world!

If you prefer zen over ziplines, Verdens Ende (World’s End) is the place for you. This protected scenic spot on the southern end of Tjøme has islets, rocks and a beautiful view of the ocean. You could spend a whole day here, sunbathing or eating shrimp, listening to the splash of the waves.

Whaling is a thing of the past here in Sandefjord. But the Whaling Museum downtown can take you back in time. You can hear stories and see skeletons. Afterwards, you could stop by one of the nice cafés or art shops in town.

Sandefjord is also a great place to sail on from. You can get to both Sweden and Denmark from there. Follow the trail of the Vikings; this is where the famous 9th century Gokstad ship was found. It is now on display at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, and is Norway’s largest preserved Viking ship.

  • Rocky slopes at Verdens Ende, Tjøme, Vestfold.


    VERDENS ENDE: Follow the rocky slopes until they disappear under the water. The World’s End is a beautiful rocky coastal landscape in Tjøme, just outside of Sandefjord.

  •  Young people in the climbing park, Sandefjord.


    CLIMBERS CONCENTRATING: Navigating several meters above ground can be quite a challenge!

  • Sandefjord town at sunset.


    VESTFOLD WELCOMES YOU: Along the Oslo fjord, Sandefjord makes its appearance. This used to be a whaling city. Today, it is still known for its shipping and ship building industries.

  •  Boats by the docks of Tønsberg.



    HISTORIC TOWN: Tønsberg is generally regarded as the oldest town in Norway. Located about 17 miles north of Sandefjord, it is most definitely worth a visit!

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