In Helgeland, you say hello to everyone. Friends and strangers, locals and tourists. Are you in?


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Fly to Sandnessjøen

Say hello to Sandnessjøen! Now, keep in mind the number seven. Seven sisters tower over the town, and the most fit visitors may be able to say hello to all seven in one day. For most of us, one or two at a time is enough. Spend some time gazing over the thousands of islands of Helgeland, and enjoy the view.

From Sandnessjøen, you can get to several other interesting places. Across the fjord is the island Dønna, with its popular and demanding mountain Dønnamannen. And connected to Dønna by beautiful bridges is the island kingdom of Herøy.

From Herøy, you will see all the Seven Sisters clearly, if the weather allows. Etcetera Botanical Center is another unique aesthetic experience on this island, with a florist and a café unlike any you have seen elsewhere. The homemade carrot cake is a specialty you should not miss out on!

Out on the ocean, Vega, Ylvingen, Lovund and Træna await you at the mouth of the fjord. The latter is host to what may be the friendliest music festival in the world: the Træna Music Festival.

Activities in Sandnessjøen

Sandnessjøen attracts not only mountaineers, but also cyclists. The wide and flat roads along the coast are perfect for exploring by bicycle, whether you’re 8 or 80 years old. You get to set the pace for yourself.

If you go south on your bike, the Petter Dass Museum is a nice place to stop by. The architectural firm Snøhetta has literally carved out a part of the mountain to build an iconic museum. The fish soup in the café is worth the visit in itself!

  • Puffins on the move accross the sky on the island Lovund, Lurøy, Nordland.


    Bård Løken/

    TRÆNA: Beautiful Træna basks in the midnight sun. Puffins are soaring – how about you?

  • Cyclists with the mountainrange The seven sisters in the Background in Helgeland, Nordland.


    Erlend Haarberg/

    HELGELANDSKYSTEN: The wide, flat roads along the Helgeland coast are perfect for cycling, whether you are 8 or 80 years old. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see all Seven Sisters on a sunny day.

  • Two boat houses in the snowy landscape of Dønna., Helgeland


    Erlend Haarberg/

    WINTER DREAMS: Two boat houses in the snowy landscape of Dønna., Helgeland

  • Female hiker enjoying the view from a mountain top in Alstahaug, Helgeland.


    Orsoyla Haarberg /

    MOUNTAINS: Sandnessjøen is perfect for mountaineers, whether you want to take on the Seven Sisters or Dønnamannen, or just find a nice hilltop with a view of the island kingdom.

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