This village offers spectacular scenery, wildlife, waterfalls, river safaris and northern coziness.


Bård Løken/

Fly to Sørkjosen

Sørkjosen is a great place to start your adventure. It is a harbour village for fishing and local boat traffic on the Reisafjord.

Reisa is a region just north of Tromsø, and it is paradise for hunting and fishing. There is plenty of life in lakes and fjords, and grouse and hares on land.

If you are very lucky, you may even see a lynx or a wolverine!

Reisa National Park with the enormous waterfalls Imofossen and Mollisfossen should not be missed.

Activities in Sørkjosen

A snowmobile or river boat will take you almost anywhere. Or if you want to be more active, maybe a kayak or canoe will do the trick? During the winter, the area is well set up for cross-country skiing, and even for a biathlon.

You can go diving by the coast and see the sea life up close: seaweed, crab, sea urchin, spawning cod. A dry suit will keep you warm in the ice-cold water!

You could take a boat out to the island Spildra, where you will find unique archeological sites. Remember to breathe in the Reisa breeze; it will sustain you for a long time!

  • Two people canoeing with Mollisfossen waterfall in the background, Reisa Nationalpark.


    Geir Wagnild og Tarjei Gunnestad

    REISA NATIONAL PARK: Deep in the Reisa National Park, you will see the magnificent Mollisfossen waterfall.

  • The old building Kronebutikken in the setting sun, Sørkjosen, Troms.


    KRONEBUTIKKEN: This charming café and shop in Sørkjosen, built in 1928, is worth a visit. You can buy local food and crafts, or just have a nice cup of coffee.

  •  Sun on the snowy plateau, Reisa Nationalpark.


    Tarjei Gunnestad

    MOUNTAIN PLATEAU: Reisa National Park offers a broad specter of wildlife experiences, from the lowland to the elevated landscape of the highland.

  • Two hikers tenting in Reisadalen, Nordreisa, Troms.


    Bård Løken/

    TENT: Bring a tent and enjoy the view of pines, lakes, rocks and mountains.

The airport

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Widerøe Ground Handling AS
Sørkjosen Lufthavn
9152 Sørkjosen

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Sørkjosen Airport
Flyplassveien 16
9152 Sørkjosen


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