In Stokmarknes, in the heart of Vesterålen, endless opportunities await you in every direction.


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Fly to Stokmarknes

Stokmarknes is made up of five islands right in the heart of Vesterålen. The islands are like a string of pearls along the coast. Here, you will find colorful houses and white beaches, blue waters and beautiful scenery.

You can take the sea route to hidden bays and beaches. Light a fire by the edge of the water and prepare a fish you just caught. Set up camp for the night and fall asleep to the sounds of the sea and the sky.

If you prefer pedalling over paddling, get on your bike and head towards Hadseløya. You can explore the whole island in one day. Enjoy the view of Lofoten and Bø in the midnight sun while the wind caresses your face. If the wind becomes too much, you can seek shelter in the cozy cabin Uvershula.

Activities in Stokmarknes

Stokmarknes and Vesterålen are all about fishing. Early in the year, the cod famously comes in towards the coast to spawn, practically filling up the waters.

The spawning cod is an incredible resource to the area. The whole fish is used: the meat, roe, liver, tongue and jaw. Bones and other left-over parts are used for making stock. If you visit Nyksund, you can experience what the old fishing villages were like in the early 20th century.

The locals are proud of the fact that Stokmarknes was the place where Hurtigruten, the Norwegian Coastal Express, was born. Richard With was the founder and first captain. Stokmarknes is of course still one of the stops the ferry makes on its journey.

  • Man running on mountain on Hadseløya near Stokmarknes in Nordland.


    Kenn Johannessen-Løkkegaard

    EXPLORING ON FOOT: The island Hadseløya has a secret: if you climb some hills here, you will find a whole world of paths and small peaks to explore, all within a small area.

  • View from cockpit flying over Stokmarknes in Nordland



    FLY OVER MOUNTAINS: A beautiful view from Widerøe’s flight over Vesterålen.

  • Woman on mountaintop with spectacular view over ocean and mountains with midnight sun.


    Kenn Johannessen-Løkkegaard

    ENJOY THE SUNSET: Stokmarknes is simply beautiful. Spend some time just enjoying the sunset – or the midnight sun!

  • White beach in Vesterålen.


    Trym Ivar Bergsmo/Widerøe

    CRISPY WHITE BEACHES: Sandviksanden in Bø, Vesterålen.

  • Widerøe plane flies over white mountain peaks of the Møysalen mountain in Vesterålen, Nordland


    Kjetil Paulsen

    MØYSALEN: Widerøe flies over white peaks of Møysalen – the highest mountain in Vesterålen.

  • Hiker approaching the mountain Møysalen in the municipality of Lødingen, Vesterålen.


    Sebastien Goujaud/

    GUIDED TOURS: Møysalen National Park is the third smallest national park in Norway. The national park surrounds the majestic Møysalen mountain. Guided hiking tours are offered each summer.

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