The capital of Lofoten is generous. It offers art, fishing, magical lights and Svolværgeita.


Espen Mortensen/ågan

Fly to Svolvær

Artists from all over the world are attracted to Lofoten. The magical lighting of the midnight sun, northern lights and the changing seasons have inspired many.

Lofoten is an elongated area, almost like a miniature Norway. Here, you can spend days on your own out in nature and find peace of mind in the mountains. Later, you will be glad to see other people back in town. Taste some of the local seafood and have a chat with the locals and other tourists.

The ‘king’ may be flying right over your head. Did you know that 40 % of all the sea eagles in Norway live here in Nordland?

Activities in Svolvær

Svolvær is a uniquely exciting place. Plenty of sea adventures await you: fishing for spawning cod, whale watching and eagle watching. There are also amazing opportunities for hiking, diving and kayaking.

Svolværgeita towers over the capital of Lofoten like two goat’s horns. You can set yourself up for climbing with a rope and a helmet, or you can don your sunglasses and stay on solid ground.

Djevelporten (the Devil’s Gate) is another exciting hike, with a stone wedged between two cliffs. Here, you can feel your heart race and enjoy an amazing view.

If you can find the time between fishing trips and hikes, you should pay a visit to one of the town’s galleries, or take a trip to the artistic village of Kabelvåg.

  • Fishing boat surrounded by birds in Lofoten


    Berge/Knoff/Natural Light/

    FISHING: Go fishing for spawning cod early in the morning, and you can catch not only fish, but a beautiful, slow sunrise. Svolvær is famous for its light.

  • The light from the midnight sun colours the landscape and ocean in Lofoten.


    Trym Ivar Bergsmo/Widerøe

    MIDNIGHT SUN: During the summer, the midnight sun lowers itself toward the horizon, but then changes its mind and rises again. This sunlight is warm and lovely. You can’t miss out on it!

  • Beach at Utakleiv, Lofoten.


    Trym Ivar Bergsmo/Widerøe

    FIND PEACE OF MIND: Lofoten is an outstretched and diverse place where you have a unique opportunity to find peace of mind.

  • Stockfish for sale from a tractor fan, Lofoten.


    Trym Ivar Bergsmo/Widerøe

    STOCKFISH: The dried cod may look puny stacked up like this, but wait until you taste it in a bacalao dish!

  • Moonlight in Henningsvær, Lofoten.


    Espen Mortensen/ågan

    MOONLIGHT: Late hours in the fishing village of Henningsvær, a few miles outside the town of Svolvær.

  • Hiker on the edge of a mountain above Svolvær, Vågan kommune, Lofoten. En mann på fjelltur har utsikt over Svolvær by, Vågan kommune, Lofoten.


    Chris Craggs/

    GO MOUNTAIN HIKING: Hiker on the edge of a mountain above Svolvær, Vågan kommune, Lofoten.

  • The docks of Kabelvåg in the Lofoten region.


    Marianne Hope

    KABELVÅG: The docks of Kabelvåg, a small charming town close to Svolvær.

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