The northern metropolis is full of students, jazz music, nature, art and curiosities.


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Fly to Tromsø

Tromsø knows it has a lot to offer. Mountains and valleys covered in snow. Magnificent surroundings and a vibrant urban life. Whether you like to wear flipflops, heels, hiking boots or snow shoes, you will be comfortable here.

The city center is in Tromsøya, a green oasis in the middle of the fjord. Several other islands surround it, such as Sommarøy, Hillesøya, Vengsya and Håkøya. You can go island hopping to visit picturesque fishing villages.

Tromsø is often called the Paris of the North. This started in the 1840s, when young women dressed like Parisian seamstresses. Visitors to the city were surprised at how well-bred and educated the citizens were.

Activities in Tromsø

Tromsø has stony mountains and powder snow. Being so far north and in such a cold climate, the area has long winters, especially in the mountains. This makes Tromsø a popular skiing destination, whether you prefer cross-country or downhill.

Back downtown, you can warm yourself in a cozy café with a cup of hot chocolate. You could also stop by the Arctic Cathedral, catch a movie at the Tromsø International Film Festival, or visit the botanical gardens and enjoy the colors and scents.

Tromsø is about 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, so chances are you will be able to see the northern lights dance over the city. From mid-May to mid-July, the city is also illuminated by the midnight sun.

  • A rock climber in the foreground with the view of Tromsø.


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    CLIMBING: Whether you like to wear skis or hold a climbing rope, Tromsø is just the place for an active visitor.

  • Dog sledding in a snowy landscape, Tromsø.


    Bård Løken/

    HUSKY: If you’re not a mountaineer, don’t worry – you can also travel horizontally through the Tromsø area! Sled dogs will take you exploring into the blue hour.

  • A group of cormorants on the shore outside Tromsø.


    Frank Andreassen/

    BIRDLIFE: A group of cormorants on the shore outside Tromsø.

  • The Arctic Cathedral seen from Tromsøya.


    Knut Hansvold/

    ARCTIC CATHEDRAL: Visiting Tromsø is almost a spiritual experience in itself. But you should also take the time to visit the Arctic Cathedral. It is beautiful!

  • A young seagull flying in the morning sun.


    Gaute Bruvik/

    AT SUNRISE: A young seagull flying in the morning sun.

  • View of a snowy Tromsø and Tromsøya in winter.


    Konrad Konieczny/

    CITY LIGHTS: View of a snowy Tromsø in wintertime. The city centre of Tromsø has the highest number of old wooden houses in Northern Norway with the oldest house dating back to 1789.

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