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Fly to Trondheim

The river Nidelva runs through the city of Trondheim. This river has seen a lot of history and development. From the founding of the city in year 997 by Olav Tryggvason, through the 200 years it took to build the Nidaros cathedral, to the arrival of the university – and through the ups and downs of Rosenborg soccer club.

Trondheim is a city of knowledge. New ideas and solutions are constantly arising here, and thousands of students get to expand their horizons and make new friends. Innovative startups are another important and exciting contribution.

Even the monks have made their mark on this city. They once ran a monastery-brewery on the island Munkholmen. Today, the island is a popular tourist attraction.

Activities in Trondheim

Trondheim is a sociable city. If you visit one of the pubs or cafés downtown, you will see what we mean. In Bakklandet you can find niche shops selling local and international goods: flowers, books, bicycles, clothing – and chocolate! Have a chat with one of the shop owners; they are always willing to tell you all about their products.

The bohemians of the city occupy the area known as Svartlamon. It reminds us of Christiania in Copenhagen, with its creative buildings, vegetable gardens and swap shop. The residents, many of whom are artists, would surely be willing to give you a tour of the area.

Stroll over the city bridge, wonder at the colorful boathouses by Nidelva, and enjoy a cup of quality coffee from Dromedar before you spend some time meditating in the magnificent Nidaros Cathedral.

Trondheim is extremely well adapted for bicycling. You can whiz through the city on two wheels on your way from shops to restaurants, concerts, museums and other attractions. Rockheim, the national museum of popular music, is also worth a visit. Finally, don’t forget to stop by Bakklandet, where you can try a bicycle lift!

  • Nice street with cyclists and wooden houses in Bakklandet in Trondheim.



    A CYCLIST’S CITY: The wide, flat streets of Trondheim make it the perfect city to explore by bicycle. In Bakklandet, you can even try a bicycle lift!

  • Rainbow over Trondheim.



    PILGRIMAGE: The Nidaros Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Norway, and pilgrims come here from all over the world. Some of them walk thousands of miles to get here!

  • Couple sitting ouside at a café in Trondheim.



    REFRESHMENTS: Couple sitting ouside at a café in Trondheim.

  • Little boy in viking outfit in Stiklestad.


    Terje Rakke/

    EXPLORE HISTORIC SITES: Little boy in viking outfit in Stiklestad ouside Trondheim.

  • Family eating luch outside Nidarosdomen cathedral in Trondheim.



    LUNCH TIME: Family eating luch outside Nidarosdomen cathedral in Trondheim.

  • Mother photographing her sons on the Old Townbridge in Trondheim.



    FAMOUS DOCKS: Like Bergen and Ålesund, Trondheim is also famous for its iconic old docks.

  • Young people eating ice cream in the streets of Bakklandet in Trondheim.



    TAKE A STROLL: Young people eating ice cream in the streets of Bakklandet in Trondheim.

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