Widerøe will fly you to the town on he very edge of Finnmark..


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Fly to Vadsø

They say that Vadsø has no polar night, but rather polar color! On the edge of Finnmark, in the beautiful Arctic area in the north, with beaches, sea birds and the ocean nearby, is Vadsø.

Artists from all over the world are attracted to the unique light of northern Norway. Did you know that a day with midnight sun is also called a polar day? Vadsø has polar nights and polar days for a month longer than Bodø.

Vadsø stands out in Finnmark in that there is so much left there. Over 700 houses are left from before the war, whereas most of Finnmark has been bombed or burned down.

Vadsø is not only colorful, but also multicultural. Finns and Kvens settled down here in the 1800s. Many of their descendents live in Jakobselv today. You can learn more about their history at Vadsø Museum (Ruija Kvenmuseum). There, you can visit a stable, a smithy, a barn and a bakery – and finally, the quintessential Finnish experience: the sauna.

Activities in Vadsø

You get to set the pace for your own experience here. Maybe you want to find peace of mind in nature. Varangerhalvøya National Park on the Varanger Peninsula is known for its ancient landscape and great hunting opportunities. Small game and grouse are abundant, and in the rivers, you can find salmon, Arctic char and trout.

During the winter, endless ski courses are ready for you. The Tana-Varanger ski course is 56 miles long. It runs parallel to the Varanger fjord, and you can enjoy it in its entirety or in short stretches.

Or maybe you are more interested in jazz music, opera and art? Vadsø is host to northern Norway’s oldest and largest jazz festival, Varangerfestivalen. Musicians seem to be just as eager to head north as us listeners!


  • Houses in Skallselv outside Vadsø.


    Jarle Wæhler/Statens vegvesen

    SKALLELV: The easternmost village in Vadsø, Skallelv, is famous for its population of people of Finnish and Kven descent.

  • Birdwatchers cabin in Vadsø.


    Tormod Amundsen /

    POPULAR: A bird watcher’s shed near Steilneset Memorial in Vardø, Varanger National Tourist Routes. Arkitekt:

  • Piffins sitting om a mountainside.


    Asgeir Helgestrand/Artic Light AS/

    PUFFINS: They come in droves to the coast outside of Vadsø: the adorable, charming puffins, among many other species.

  • Reindeer with sky and ocean.


    Jarkko Autero/

    REINDEER: Here you can see lots of them!

  • Piffins with colorful beaks.


    Asgeir Helgestrand/Artic Light AS/

    BEAUTIES: During the breeding season, the puffins have beautiful, colorful beaks.

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