Widerøe will take you to the exotic north, to the oldest, most wind-swept town in Northern Norway.


Tormod Amundsen/Biotope

Fly to Vardø

In Vardø, you will feel the forces of nature. The wind and weather will come at you from every angle. Vardø is not only the easternmost town in Norway; it is also an island – and the only town with a polar climate. But the locals know how to stay warm. Have a chat with them, and you will see.

Vardø means «wolf island». Both mythical and historical events have occured here. If you stroll through the town center, you will see a memorial monument for the victims of the witch burnings in the 1600s in Finnmark. Many of the witch trials occurred here in this town.

Eventually, science came to the area. The wind-swept fishing village was the place where astronomer Maximilian Hell would observe the Transit of Venus in 1796. This contributed to later calculations of the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Impressive, isn’t it?

Activities in Vardø

Vardø is a world-class bird watching site. Thousands of shrieking sea birds soar over the islands and seas and fly between cliffs and waters.

Varanger has taken bird watching to a whole new level. At Hornøya, a nearby island, the architectural firm Biotope has built unique little sheds in areas where there are a lot of birds.   Hornøya can be explored on foot or with binoculars. Either way, it is spectacular! It is any nature photographer’s dream, and the only place in Norway you have the possibility of seeing the thick-billed murre, a very charming bird.

In 1307, King Haakon V Magnusson erected the Vardøhus Fortress. Here, you can salute the only tree in the whole town. It is a rowan, and it has to be carefully insulated every winter.

  • Road along the oceanside by Persfjorden, Vardø.


    Roger Ellingsen/Statens Vegvesen

    VIEW: Driving along Persfjorden, Varanger.

  • Hornøya lighthouse with ocean and sky.


    Tormod Amundsen/Biotope

    LIGHTHOUSE: Whether polar night or polar day, the lighthouse by the coast has seen many ships and crews to land for several centuries.

  • Midnight sun in northern Norway


    Jarle Wahler/Statens Vegvesen

    MIDNIGHT SUN: Days are long and light throughout the whole summer. Hamningberg basks in the midnight sun.

  • A flock of common eider, Varanger


    Øyvind Antonsen

    COLORS: Several uncommon and colorful bird species thrive in the polar climate by the coast of Finnmark. A flock of common eider and king eider drift around the harbour in Vardø.

  • Vardø was the oldest fishing village in Finnmark


    Tormod Amundsen/Biotope

    FISHING VILLAGE: For a long time, Vardø was the oldest fishing village in Finnmark. The island is easily accessible, and both birds and weather come in from every angle.

  • Stellers eider, a colorful bird, Varanger coast


    Tormod Amundsen/Biotope

    STELLER’S EIDER: This charming and colorful bird is a signature species of the Varanger coast.

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    Tormod Amundsen/Biotope

    VARDØ PANORAMA WINTER: Vardø is a town in the northeastern part of Norway.

  • Girl lying by the ocean on Hornøya in Finnmark with a bird in the background.


    Tormod Amundsen/Biotope

    BIRD WATCHING: Hornøya is an ornithological paradise, and a unique opportunity to see the thick-billed murre, also known as Brünnich’s guillemot.

  • Old building with grafitti in Vardø.


    Fredrik Fløgstad/Statens Vegvesen

    GRAFITTI: Old building with grafitti in Vardø.

  • Silhouette of cliffs by Persfjorden near Vardø.


    Jarle Wæhler/Statens Vegvesen

    DARK SHAPES: Silhouette of cliffs by Persfjorden near Vardø.

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