Cancellation protection

If unexpected illness should occur

Unexpected illness might occur, Widerøe therefore offers Cancellation Protection. If you purchase Cancellation Protection you will get a full ticket refund if you are unable to travel because you or a close family member falls ill.
The policy must be purchased at the same time as the tickets and the extra charge will be debited your provided credit card.
Terms of use:
  • Cancellation must be done prior to departure. Use the cancellation link in on my trips or in your e-mail. We are also available by e-mail 24h. Please make sure that you get your cancellation confirmed by us.
  • Policy fulfillment can only be claimed by residents within EU/EØS in the event of acute illness or death of the policy holder or closest family (spouse/registered partner, children of spouse or partner, brothers and sisters, parents or grandparents, grandchildren, father/mother-in-law, brothers/sisters-in-law, sons/daughters-in-law) or travel companion within the same reservation where both travelers are holding a cancelling protection.
  • Pregnancy or birth is not covered by the cancellation protection
  • Medical certificate or certificate of death must be provided in English or Norwegian in addition to a valid account number for policy credit. Medical certificate must be dated before departure or latest 3 days after the trip should have started, and it must be confirmed that the travel can not be done.
  • No refund for partly used tickets
  • Policy claim must be forwarded by email to at the latest one week after cancellation. Travel documents in addition to medical certificate or certificate of death must be enclosed.
  • The individual share charge per person is NOK 200. Additional charges including service fee, cancellation protection fee will not be refunded, only the airfare specified in the travel documents.