Conditions of sale

Conditions of sale for airline tickets purchased at (last revised 11.03.2019)

These conditions of sale apply to the sale of airline tickets to consumers at The conditions of sale, along with your reservation confirmed through a confirmation of purchase, constitutes the contract basis for your purchase.


To make a purchase at, you must be at least 18 years of age.
Consumer purchases in Norway are, amongst others, regulated in

  • Avtaleloven (Contract law)
  • Forbrukerkjøpsloven (Consumer law)
  • Angrerettloven (The Regrets Deadline law)
  • Markedsføringsloven (Law of Marketing)
  • R-handelsloven (Law of Electronic Trade)

In addition, your personal details are safeguarded through personopplysningsloven. (The Personal Information law)
Follow the links to these laws if you want more information about your rights and obligations of consumer purchases. Where the sales conditions require a written confirmation, this is fulfilled by the use of letters or email.

Please note that by ordering airline tickets, special conditions may apply. Follow the link if you would like further information on your rights and obligations when buying airline tickets.

Widerøe`s Flyveselskap ASA, Langstranda 6, 8001 Bodø is the seller and is represented by Widerøe Internet AS , Strandgata 24 , 8656 Mosjøen. They will in the following be mentioned as "we" or "us".
The buyer is the person listed as a buyer in the reservation, and is in the following referred to as "you", "your" or "yours"

Your reservation will be recorded on our server (computer). will deliver the service according to your reservation unless this differs from what is offered by us through our sales offers, marketing or otherwise.
Once we receive your reservation, we will confirm your order and automatically send a confirmation to the email address you specify in your reservation. In case of changes and in those cases we need to send notifications or messages to you, we will ONLY communicate to the email address that you specified in your reservation. Please check your order confirmation carefully when you receive it, and make sure that the order confirmation is consistent with your order.

Delivery Guarantee
On purchase of airline tickets
For domestic travel in Norway:
If the booking is made at least 2 hours before departure, the ticket will be issued as an electronic ticket that will be sent to the email address you specified in the order process.

For international flights:
If the booking is made at least 2 hours before departure, the ticket will be issued as an electronic ticket that will be sent to the email address you specified in the order process. Widerøe reserves the right to refuse the sale if it is not possible to to deliver the ticket safely and in reasonable time. Widerøe also reserves the right to reject the sale if the transporting airline does not accept documents issued by Widerøes Flyveselskap ASA.

Reservation of rental cars and hotels

You may reserve hotel rooms or rental cars through, but you will not be charged any charges or booking fees by us. does not assume liability for wrong pricing or other irregularities that may occur in connection with your order and is not responsible for the content of external actors.

Electronic ticket/E-ticket :
E-ticket may be used to/from/between most destinations operated by these airlines.

Augsburg Airways(IQ) Rheintalflug(WE) and Contact Air (KI) will come in addition when booked as Lufthansa-codeshare*

* Codeshare is when a SAS/Lufthansa partner operates a flight with SK/LH flightnumber

There is no need to pick up a ticket in advance when you travel on an electronic ticket. Valid identification (or the credit card used) must be available for check at check-in or at the gate. This means that your credit card will serve as your identification and we will transfer all information about your journey to our check-in system. All travelers in your reservation may use the same identification. Your credit card will be charged according to the rules and regulations applying to your fare and you will receive a printable receipt via email. When travelling to international destinations, you must check in on through a website, a kiosk or at a counter to obtain a boarding pass to access the duty free services at the airports. If you travel on a domestic flight with carry on baggage only, you may go directly to the gate. When booking an E-ticket through, you will receive the receipt via email after the electronic ticket has been issued.

For the flight itself, we refer to applicable laws and regulations as well as our Conditions Of Carriage.

Applies to airline tickets
Please note the individual rules for changes of the fare category you wish to purchase. Common for all fare types, also flexible fares, is that airports of departure and destination may not be changed.

Our product "Free change" is available when booking flights. Read more about the conditions for the "Free change" product.

Schedule changes by operating airline
If the operating airline makes a schedule change you will be notified by e-mail to the address given during the booking process. If the change is more than two hours from original itinerary you have the right to cancel your reservation and recieve a full refund. Smaller changes will not be eligible for refund or further voluntary changes by customer without penalties.

Applies to airline tickets
When booking an airline ticket, you are allowed to cancel the purchase within 24 hours after the reservation has been made. The 24-hour rule has been determined by ECACs Airline and Airport Voluntary Commitment to Passengers.
Cancellation of tickets within 24 hours from reservation will be refunded 100% until 2 hours before departure.
In case of cancellation within 24 hours from reservation, and the ticket is partly used, the 24-hour rule will not apply.
Some fare types may have different cancellation conditions which you will be informed about during the booking dialogue at

Our product "Cancellation protection" is available when booking flights. Read more about conditions for the "Cancellation protection" product.

Card fee
The card fee will be refunded in case of cancellation within 24 hours after the reservation has been made. In case of cancellation after the 24 hours limit, the card fee will not be refunded (regards all ticket types).

Ancillaries like additional baggage, animails in cabin or cargo and special baggage are not refoundable in case of cancellation.

Refund of tickets in the event of death
Before start of journey:
If a passenger or an immediate family member of the passenger dies before the trip, tickets can be completely refunded. Death certificate or a copy of such is required.
After start of journey:
In case of death of the passenger unused tickets are refundable.
Accompanying passengers can travel as originally or change the trip if they wish. Rebooking is allowed free of charge provided original airline and itinerary is used within 45 days after initial journey. Death certificate or a copy of such is required.

The information you receive from us
Our object is to give our customers as correct information about our products as possible. We take, however, no liability for typing or printing errors that may cause that we are unable to deliver according to the information given by us through our sales offers, marketing or any other way.
We reserve the right to cancel your reservation, or parts of it, in case the product is sold out or there is no coverage on your credit card. In situations where we are sold out, you will be notified about this, along with any alternative solutions we may offer.

Airline tickets
The total charges will always include all fees, government taxes and booking fees. The total price may during the booking process be displayed partly, broken down per flight segment, without fees or per person when this gives better overview or when it?s not possible to display the total charge.
The total charge will always be displayed in addition to the partial price.
In case of change of terminals or airports where transport is necessary, the transportation must be paid by the traveler(s). It is not included in the cost of the ticket.

Airline tickets may only be paid with a credit card, Restricted fare tickets are charged immediately after purchase. Full fare tickets are normally charged on the day of departure. If the charge is unsuccessful, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation. You will receive a notification of this to your email account.

Purchase of airline tickets
You are responsible for checking that the airline ticket(s) you receive is correctly issued according to your reservation. If the airline ticket(s) you receive contain different conditions or travel dates than your reservation, you must notify us immediately so that correct ticket(s) can be issued.
If a restricted fare ticket is issued and your credit card is charged, you may not expect change or refund of the ticket.

Passport and Visa
When booking airline tickets at it is the person making the reservation who is is responsible that the traveler(s) have a valid passport or if applicable, a visa for the country of destination or stopover. Correct information on passport to visa requirements may be obtained at the individual countries embassies or consulate.

Person data

We process only personal information you disclose to us and that are necessary for us to fulfill our obligations to you.
In cases where we also process personal information for other causes (newsletters, campaign information and so on),, this will be done only after your consent. Before you agree, you will be informed about what your information will be used to and by who.
Your personal information will only be transferred to others when:
  • You agree to the transfer
  • It is necessary for us to fulfill our agreement with you
  • when required by law

For more information, see Widerøe's privacy policy.

The parties will try to solve disputes in good faith. If this is unsuccessful, you may bring the case in for the Norwegian Consumer Council, and for airline tickets, also for the Norwegian Complaints Board for Scheduled Flights ("Reklamasjonsnemnda for Rutefly")..

All disputes will be solved using Norwegian courts. If a case is brought to the courts, it will be handled in yours (the buyer's) local court if you have an address in Norway.

For further information regarding purchase of airline tickets, please contact: , Widerøe Internet AS at email : Widerøe Customer Service Center