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Here you will find information about your booking and trips, and frequently asked questions. If you want to get in touch with our customer service you can use the chat on the bottom of this page.

How do I change my ticket?

You may change your trip from My trips or from the link in the confirmation email.


How much does it cost to change my ticket?

Rules for ticket change varies with our ticket types. For some tickets, a change fee of NOK 600 applies in addition to any price difference between fare classes.


How do I cancel my ticket?

Tickets can be canceled from My trips or from the link in the confirmation email. You may cancel your ticket free of charge within 24 hours of booking confirmation. After the first 24 hours, access to cancellation and refund varies with the ticket type.

May I change the name on my ticket?

As long as the trip has not started, you can change the name. The passenger type (adult, youth, student, etc.) can not be changed. When you're checked in name can no longer be changed.   


Other question regarding your booking?

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Phone: (+47) 75 80 35 68




What kind of credit cards may I use?

You may use Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, as well as Diners and Discover.

May I pay by invoice?

No, unfortunately, you can not pay by invoice.

Why was my credit card rejected?

It may be caused by missing coverage, incorrect card number, CVC/CCV code or expiration date is invalid, or the card is blocked for online shopping

Where do I find the CVC/CCV code?

It depends on the card being used. On Visa, MasterCard, Diners and Discover, you may find a three-digit number at the back of the card. On AmEx, it is a four-digit number on the front.


How long does it take before my money is back on my bank account when I cancel my ticket?

The amount will be refunded by us immediately, but you have to count on about 7-10 days for the card issuer to bring the amount back to your bank account.

Where do I find my receipt?

In the booking confirmation email, you will find a link to the receipt. If you have a profile you will find the receipt in My Trips.
If you need all receipts for a specific period, you can use the service My receipts
If you need a flown confirmation, you will find this in "Previous trips" in My Trips, or you can use the service Verification of flown flights

What is my allowance for checked-in baggage?

If you have an Eco, Flex or Full Flex ticket you can bring at least one item for free (max 23kg - 158cm) on all Widerøe flights. If you have an Eco Light ticket you may bring one free item if you register your Eurobonus Silver, Gold or Diamond card during the booking process.  Read more about the baggage allowance.

What is my allowance for hand baggage?

All travelers 2 years and over may bring one hand baggage (max 8kg -55x40x20cm). In addition, you may bring one small purse or a small laptop bag. Read more about hand baggage.

How do I book excess baggage?

You may order excess baggage during the booking process or at the airport.  You may also do this by navigating to "My trips".

How much does excess baggage cost?

If you are traveling with excess baggage you can save NOK 150 by ordering this during the booking process. Find prices here.

How do I book special baggage?

You may order excess baggage during the booking process or at the airport. You may also do this by navigating to My trips

How much does special baggage cost?

If baggage allowance is exceeded, you pay a flat fee regardless of size for bicycles, skiing and golfing equipment, as well as hunting and sporting weapons (maximum 23 kg). Find special baggage prices here

What to do if I want to bring my dog/cat?

You may apply for a dog or cat in cabin or cargo hold. Read more about pets

What is the baggage allowance for children?

Children may bring the same number of baggage as adults. When it comes to infants, they may bring a pram in addition to baggage. Read more about baggage allowances for children

What to do if I have left something on the plane?

Read more about Lost and Found

What to do if my baggage is delayed or damaged?

Read about delayed or damaged baggage here

Can I bring my wheelchair on the plane?

Wheelchair and other equipment needed in everyday life can be brought free of charge. Read more about wheelchairs.

I am allergic to dogs. What to do?

If you are allergic to animals, please make a note of this when booking your flight. Enter information in the "Passenger with special needs" -field so that we can check if an animal is booked on your aircraft. If an animal is already booked, we give you the opportunity to book another flight Read more about allergies.

I have the need for an accompanying passenger. What to do?

There are some requirements for accompanying passengers. Read more about accompanying passengers.

Do I need to sign up for a profile to be able to book a ticket?

No, you may book a ticket without making a profile, but you get a lot of benefits by having a profile. Sign up for a profile here

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by navigating to My trips and choose Profile. At the bottom of this page, you may change your password.

When can I check-in?

Online check-in opens 22 hours before departure time, and can be done by SMS, app, on Self Service Kiosks at the airport, or ask for assistance at the Check-in counter. You may also check in here

How do I check-in special baggage?

Special baggage needs to be checked in at the check-in counter at the airport. Read more checking in special baggage.

At what time do I need to attend the airport?

We recommend that you check-in well in advance before the deadline. Check-in deadlines.

How do I get my baggage tag when checking in online?

If you have already checked in when you arrive at the airport, you may use the self-service kiosks located in the departure hall to print your baggage tags. If no kiosk is available, you may get the tags at the check-in counter.  Read more about online check-in.

Where can I check if my flight is on schedule?

You can look up the flight status service to check all departures and arrivals by Widerøe.  Check flight status here 

I have claims regarding delayed or canceled flights. What to do?

Please fill in this form: Claims regarding delayed or canceled flights.

Do I need to bring my passport?

Immigration controls no longer apply within Scandinavia. However, you should still take your passport with you when travelling out of Norway. Read more about Passport and Visa

Do you offer any food during the flight?

You can enjoy a light meal on our flights to Scotland. On flights lasting longer than 45 min, operated by our largest aircrafts, we offer complimentary coffee and tea all day. Read more about in-flight menu

Is there any WiFi available during the flight?

No, we don't offer WiFi on our flights.

How much baggage may children bring?

Children may bring the same number of baggage as adults. When it comes to infants, they may bring a pram in addition to baggage. Read about the baggage allowance.

Can my child travel alone?

Widerøe and SAS offer assistance to children aged 5 through 17 years traveling alone. For your child's safety, there is a limited number of seats for children traveling alone (UM) per flight. Read more about unaccompanied children.

How do I book a ticket for my unaccompanied child?

You can book tickets for children traveling alone with Widerøe and / or SAS on using your own credit card and contact information. Add a comment in the field Passenger with special needs that this is a booking for an unaccompanied minor (UM). Once we have confirmed a seat for your child, we will send you an email with the total cost including fees. We will also contact you if there are no UM seats available. Read more about booking an unaccompanied child ticket.

What is the price for unaccompanied children?

There is a fee per flight for unaccompanied children. Unaccompanied children's prices.

What if the infant has its 2 years birthday during the journey?

Then you have two options. Either you can book a child ticket both ways, or divide your booking into two one way tickets. Departure as an infant, and return as a child.

Where can I add my EB-card in the booking flow?

You may add your EuroBonus number on the passenger details page during the booking flow. If you have a profile, and the EuroBonus number registered in the profile, it will be added automatically. Sign up for a profile here

Where can I book award tickets?

Book award tickets on

What can I spend my points on?

You may spend your points on new and exciting journeys by Widerøe, SAS, Star Alliance partners, hotels, rental cars and much more. You may spend your points on yourself or anyone else you choose. Book one-way or round trip, book for points only or mix with cash, it's all up yo you. Read more about where to spend EuroBonus points.

Can I bring more free baggage using my silver or gold card?

EuroBonus Silver members may bring 1 extra baggage (max 23kg). Gold and Diamond members may bring 2 extra baggage (max 23 kg each) for free. Read more about baggage rules

Can I claim missing points?

If your journey has not yet started, you may request for missing points for future flights here. If your journey has ended, you may request for missing points for ended flights here.

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