Damaged and delayed baggage

Delayed Baggage

When you report your baggage missing at the airport, it's entered into a worldwide system, and you will be contacted when your baggage is found. You will receive a file reference and choose whether you want to receive a text message (SMS) or an e-mail when your baggage has been found and when we will deliver it to you.

If you need to contact your arrival station regarding missing/delayed baggage/lost and found , you will find a phone number list here, or you can call us using the phone number; 75 53 50 10 (outside Norway: 0047 75 53 50 10).

Opening hours:

  • Monday - Friday    07:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday:               07:00 - 14:00
  • Sunday:                  11:30 - 21:00

You can also get in touch with us on chat here

Compensation request when your baggage is delayed

We understand that cost can be incurred when baggage is delayed. You may purchases directly related to what you have in your baggage and according to regulations described below.

In case of delayed baggage Widerøe reimburses according to current regulations:

  • 100% reimbursement of expenses for underwear and toiletries with a maximum of NOK 500
  • 50% reimbursement of expenses for other clothing as needed if they are justifiable and within reasonable limits. We may refund 100% of the expenses for other clothing if the clothes are returned to Widerøe Customer Centre, PO Box 247, N-8001 Bodø. 
    This assumes that the clothes are in perfect condition. Postage costs will be refunded.

Keep receipts for expenses you have incurred to enable them to be added to any compensation claim.

If your baggage is missing for more than 21 days, you can apply for a replacement by filling out the claims form and send it to Widerøe Claims Department. Our mail address:

Widerøe Claims Department
PO Box 247
8001 Bodø


Damaged Baggage

A damaged bag must always be presented at the arrival airport immediately after arrival to register a damage report. According to the Civil Aviation Act (Luftfartsloven) § 10-26 first paragraph the baggage is considered delivered in good condition without a complaint from the recipient (passenger) directly after arrival before leaving the airport.
The baggage tag should be attached when presenting the baggage. Normally Widerøe will, in first case, offer to repair your bag or offer a replacement bag at the airport.

In case of damage to your baggage you must contact our personnel at the airport as soon as possible. If you are not able to contact us and report the damage upon arrival (within the day of travel), a report can be made (within 7 days). If you report the damage after the day of travel (within 7 days), Widerøe will not take the responsibility for any cost of the damage, unless you can prove that the damage was caused during the travel.

Initially, Widerøe will compensate the costs of the repair. In cases where the damage cannot be repaired, Widerøe will cover the replacement of the damage bag according to current rules and regulations. In the event that the airport cannot obtain a replacement bag (primarily special baggage), you have to seek a retailer for a replacement.

Most retailers in Norway will send an invoice to Widerøe. In some cases the retailer does not send an invoice and you have to pay for the replacement, but will be compensated by Widerøe later. 
In these cases, you have to send the receipt and necessary information and documentation to customer relations along with an account number.
If you have a Norwegian bank, Widerøe needs an account number. If you have an international bank, Widerøe needs IBAN, SWIFT/BIC and the name of the receiving bank.

The following procedures and conditions apply when the damaged bag cannot be repaired and must be replaced:

  • Typical damages from wear and tear, such as scratches, dents or damages to zippers etc. are not covered.
  • The retailer must provide a written confirmation stating the age and value of the damaged bag.
  • The retailer must provide a written confirmation stating that the damage is not repairable.
  • The retailer must provide a written confirmation that the damaged bag is delivered to the retailer for destruction.
  • The damage report issued at the airport shall always follow the claim.
  • Widerøe has a 10% depreciation of cost liability per year of the age of the damaged bag, maximum 50% depreciation.



For claims regarding delayed or damaged baggage, please use this form