Check-in information


Check-in alternatives

1. Online (Widerø 

  • Go to online check-in
  • Enter the booking reference and last name or log in
  • Add Fast track or extra baggage
  • Select your preffered seat
  • Save the digital boarding pass and use this at security and boarding


2. SMS

  • We will send an SMS to the phone number added to the booking 22 hours before departure
  • Click on the link in the SMS, and then at "Check in" to show the digital boarding card for Smartphone
  • Save the digital boarding pass (or add it to Apple Wallet) and use it at security and boarding
  • If you need a digital boardingcard after the trip has started, we recommend you to take a screenshot of your boardingcard.

Online check-in

Check in online by using your booking reference or by logging it at My trips.

Check in

If the passenger is a unaccompanied minor (UM), needs assistance or brings special baggage/pets, check-in is only available at the airport.

If you are travelling with multiple airlines, remember to check in with the airline operating the first leg of your trip

3. Widerøe app

  • Enter booking reference and last name to find your booking
  • Add your EuroBonus number and/or select your preffered seat
  • Save the digital boarding card in the app (Android) or in wallet (iOS) and use it at security and boarding


4. At the airport

  • Go to check-in counter or to a self-service kiosk if available
  • At the self-service kiosk you can select seat, print your boarding card and bag tag
  • Go to the check-in counter if you need assistance, the passenger to be checked in is a child travelling alone (UM) or if you are travelling



Checked baggage?

Want to add extra baggage or special baggage?  We recommend you to do it at Widerø You might save 35% compared to airport rates.

My trips

If you check in online, you can locate the baggage delivery (bag drop) when you arrive at the airport.

Check-in deadlines

Baggage must be checked and delivered within published deadlines.