Traveling with children

Unaccompanied Minors (UM)

Widerøe offers an Unaccompanied Minor service to children flying on their own. This service is also available on trips where you combine SAS and Widerøe (the fees will be added together). For safety reasons, there is a limited number of seats for children traveling alone (UM) per flight.


We offer Unaccompanied Minor service for children between 5 and 17 years old. Children between 5-11 years, not traveling alone, have to be accompanied at the airport by a travel companion who is at least 16 years old.

The companion for an Unaccompanied Minor must be present at the airport until the aircraft has departed, for the child's safety.


An additional fee (per flight) will apply, see the table below.



Bookings can be made online. Add a comment in the field  "special needs" to inform us that the booking is for a minor traveling unaccompanied.

We will send a confirmation whether a seat is available on the selected flight or not and inform you about the total amount including fees. 

Before traveling, the linked form needs to be populated. Three signed copies must be brought to the airport.

Form for unaccompanied minors

Widerøe domestic - PSO routes
Price *
NOK 150
Wideroe domestic - all other routes
Price *
NOK 250
Widerøe international - travel start Norway
Price *
NOK 350
Widerøe international - travel start Denmark
Price *
DKK 350
Widerøe international - travel start Sweden
Price *
SEK 350
Widerøe international - travel start UK
Price *
GBP 36
Widerøe international - travel start Germany
Price *
EUR 40
SAS domestic Norway/Denmark/Sweden
Price *
NOK 350/DKK 350/SEK 350
SAS international - travel start Norway
Price *
NOK 450
SAS international - travel start Denmark
Price *
DKK 450
SAS international - travel start Sweden
Price *
SEK 450
SAS international - Europe (except Scandinavia) to Scandinavia
Price *
EUR 50

Prices are per flight leg (one way). When combining Widerøe and SAS on one trip, both fees will apply.
* If the selected currency is other than the fee currency, the fee will be converted to the selected currency.


Unaccompanied Minors on International flights

For international trips, it's recommended that persons under the age of 18 traveling alone are provided with a power of attorney from their parents. We also recommend a power of attorney if a child is travelling with other adults than their parents.

The passengers may experience being stopped at customs/immigrations in Norway or other countries and asked to show a document that gives you the right to leave the country with the child.


Power of attorney

The power of attorney should:

- Show that you have been authorized to travel with the child to a given country for a given period of time

- Be signed by the child's parents

- Contain contact information for the child's parents

Child fare

Children from 2 through 11 years receive a child discount on domestic and international travel.

On Widerøes PSO routes the age limit is 2 through 15 years.

Children 2 years and above have the same baggage allowance as adults. Children 12 years and above may book youth or adult fares.

Child fare - Age limit

Child fare for persons in the age spans:

PSO routes
2 through 11 years

All other routes:
2 through 15 years


Infants under the age of 2 years travel free of charge on domestic flights and pay 10% of adult fare on international flights. This applies only when the child is seated on the lap of an adult.

If the infant is travelling in a separate seat, a child fare ticket must be purchased. The infant must travel in an approved car seat within these measurements; max 43 cm width and 65 cm height. For security reasons, bags are not allowed.
One adult may travel with a maximum of two infants, of which one of them on a child fare and in an approved car seat. 

One pram is icluded for all infants. If the infant is travelling on ticket types (Economy / Flex / Full Flex) one item of bagasje of 23 kg is allowed. All items required for infants, besides children's food and diapers, are considered part of the adults hand luggage allowance.


At Widerøe an infant is a child who has not yet turned 2 years of age.

When traveling home from the hospital (and the first time after birth) you need a health certificate from the obstetrician at the hospital, and the doctor is responsible for the advisability of early air transport.